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Thursday, April 20, 2006

The UK Has A Point....Has America Lost?

Gary Young wrote an article for the Guardian Unlimited. It is a sad commentary on how America, as a whole, is sitting on the sidelines. Actually we seem to be sitting on the sidelines for a parade of the twisted and the bizarre. The Guardian wrote a story about devastated exiled New Orleans residents...Citizens of the United States of America, being denied entitled access in an extraordinary circumstance.

The article highlights many of the unjust, ridiculous and plain outrageous actions against the people and zeros in on who the majority of the survivors are that are being kept away from their beloved home. When I read the story, my heart is still heavy for all that the people have lost, endured and still suffer. When I read this story, it makes me think about why we never could get a national rally going, to show all of the people in the Gulf Coast that we deeply care.

Instead, the people of New Orleans get people like me, who can't always be there in person to help. But are trying to help in other ways. Always wishing I could do something more. Wishing that this land that I love and the free people it harbors, had never had to be victim nor witness to 'this' historic national failure. The state of the union address made it perfectly clear to the world, there are two Americas. One America is living in self serving denial and the other is the America that was lost and I want it back.
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