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Friday, May 25, 2007

Looking For A New World Bank Chief - Go Global....


Interesting Tid Bit
posted 05-25-07 by .COMMON Sense Center For Global Development Wants Your Imput on the New World Bank Chief

"They have a poll which you can find a link to at "Online Survey: Choosing the Next World Bank President"

Scary, Frightening, Horrifying Thought
Bill Frist Gets a Star on the Wolfowitz Successor List?

ACHIEVING Dreams....

My pick for new World Bank President is.......

Catalina Maluk
Universidad Central
Director of Professional Women Center

Portal Universia Chile
“the financing is one of the main difficulties that face the women who wish to initiate a business, since besides to have minor access on the credit, quite greater banking interest rates pay to the rest of the companies.”

because.... Catherine Maluk represents the diverse nature of our world today, in many ways. She had to learn, polish and perfect her craft. Working a (nontraditional for women) career in a fairly often tough industry for women; she seems to hold a very diplomatic view on how and why women need to be nudged upward on the ladder where men still dominate in financial gain. When it comes to finance, if women have equal access, same as men, then commerce and communities benefit on a broader scale.

and "No".... I am not Latin, but I am a multicultural humanitarian visionary, who believes in Fair Trade, Global Diplomacy, and Squashing Discrimination of any kind. I know that there is enough to go around...if corporations were 'Wisely' exercising their capitalist power's -- People are not disposable, People are a sound long term investment....always!

Go take the survey....

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