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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Amy Klobuchar ~ The Worst Vote I've Ever Cast, Ever!


Military Families Speak Out Read letters from MFSO Members to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi calling on her to show leadership and de-fund the war
"Stand strong when you explain that de-funding the war is not de-funding or abandoning our troops. Let the American people know what we as military families know – that de-funding the war will not leave our troops without equipment or supplies."

How do you feel about the news from Iraq? Ros Atkins Jan 2007
March 2nd: Thanks to everyone who contributed to our programme discussing this question.
Geoff in Portland, Oregon says "I feel completely disgusted and helpless. I have always been staunchly opposed to the invasion of Iraq and have voted accordingly.
"Being an American citizen, I am partly responsible for the countless, needless deaths and it sickens me, yet I feel helpless to affect any change."

Senator Klobuchar voted the 109th Congress way......Say One Thing and Do Another....
110th Congress Senator Klobuchar's website.....
Klobuchar said....Securing our Nation and Changing Course in Iraq "While I support the invasion of Afghanistan, I disagreed with the decision to invade Iraq. After three years, it has become obvious to those who favored the war and to those who opposed it that the Bush-Cheney administration was not truthful about the reasons they gave for invading Iraq, nor were they truthful about having a plan to secure the peace and protect our troops once we invaded."

Disappointed: But Won't Shut Up or Give Up
Amy Klobuchar is still a puzzle. Although she never seemed to be strongly in the anti-war camp, her rhetoric seemed to lead to a conclusion of getting out of Iraq, sooner rather than later. I guess I was mistaken and won't make that assumption again. by Dave Mindeman Minnesota Network for Progressive Action Posted: Sunday, 27 May 2007

The Daily Koz Klobuchar and Walz vote for blank check for President Bush by The Big E Fri May 25, 2007 "However, Klobuchar has no excuse. She won by over 20 percentage points. I have higher standards for her. The fact that she is ignoring the 76% of us who think this war is going badly and 63% who want us out of Iraq is appalling. Her seat is not at risk and I expected more leadership from someone who was sent to Washington with a mandate."

Irag Civilian Body Count “Change the channel”
- Brig. Gen. Mark Kimmitt's advice to Iraqis who see TV images of innocent civilians killed by coalition troops [NYT 12th April 2004]

U.S. Deaths Near Grim Memorial Day Mark STEVEN R. HURST May 26, 2007 "We're out there on the streets a lot more. There are more patrols going on every day, so we're more open to attacks," O'Hanlon said.

"I cannot tell you how upset I was when I learned that Senator Klobuchar cast a vote that went directly opposite of what I thought she said and meant when she was campaigning here in MN."

And invading Afghanistan was equally as horrible as invading Iraq. September 11th can't be one part truth and one part is either 'completely' fabricated as to who instigated it, or it is completely truthful that Osama Bin Laden master minded it all. And if that is so....then why draw back from Afghanistan, where he was originally, to head towards Iraq? To Iraq where Bin Laden was originally not. To Iraq where al-Qaeda was originally not. There is some pretty strong sleuthing going out there in the world, gathering evidence on crimes against humanity. Crimes that will ultimately be handled by the International Court of Justice.

PS.....I can complain, complain loudly if I want to. Cuz I voted and unfortunately I voted for her

I gave all of my votes to the Democratic Party 2006, even though I am an Independent. It was a personal decision that I struggled with, up until I cast my vote.

It took me 23 years to vote straight democratic ticket...never again, no more, no matter what, especially not in 2008.

The Democratic members who voted 'Yea' are lacking critical thinking skills, foresight and courage.

So tell does one pay for an ongoing invasion already lacking in needed equipment and services for the troops and come up with the money for actual U.S needs -- mainstream needs??? More tax dollars from us?

Oh yes, how does one replace money lost to ongoing -- outragious government fraud and waste, in Iraq and here at home?

Then how does one come up with the money to pay attorneys to prosecute all of those real fraud and waste case when they actually hit the light of day? More tax dollars, from us?

And where does the money come from to put your pet projects into play? More tax dollars from us?

Don't we owe the whole world? More tax dollars from us?

There are so many items on the list....more tax dollars not called tax dollars, from us?

I am a tax payer, who actually believes that my tax dollars can work for the benefit of all...they used to anyway.

Democratic party members that voted 'Yea' have entered that special gold tipped GOP bubble preserved from the 109th Congress. Yes, that includes Senator Amy Klobuchar.

I have never, never regretted a vote, till now. To note...Klobuchar voting along the same lines as Rep. Michele Bachman, is too much. Now I have two public servant representatives that I am not comfortable contacting with my concerns. Great. Who's left?

The Dems that voted 'Nay' are such a minority in the Senate, that I guess I will have to back off from hoping for real change.

Dear Senator don't stand up in front of the camera's and tell me "I will have to understand." I don't think you realize, its you who didn't understand, didn't understand why I helped cast my vote to elect your majority.

Get it, it was me -- who along with so many others, helped you to become elected to 'be' my voice, to be his voice and her voice, to be our voice. Not a war mongering voice, but a voice for Peace, Truth and Logic. "You have flat out failed to be my voice."
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