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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

For todays post.....
I-35W Bridge -- We Want Your Opinions from Minnesota Monitor by Robin Marty Tue Aug 14, 2007 1 Comment...Build it Right!

"It starts with the professionals hired to keep the infrastructure stable. It begins with a healthy governing body to actually have instilled within them, the interest and the critical thinking skills to do preventative governance on a local level." by awakening

Bears Repeating....
Pawlenty of Vetos Hurts Minnesotans Friday, June 08, 2007 by Truth Surfer "Pawlenty’s vetos this session have done nothing other than block the fiscally sane management of our state, interfered, delayed or depleted funding of needed programs including transportation, killed federal matching monies, put cities at risk next year, and now will let our property taxes fill in the funding gaps!"

Talk of Special Session Lingers in the Legislature Minnesota Monitor by Abdi Aynte Wed Jun 13, 2007 "It has been a few weeks since the state Legislature adjourned, letting Gov. Tim Pawlenty decide the fate of many bills they wrestled over until the last minute."

Pawlenty Veto Could Mean Higher Property Taxes by Jeff Fecke Minnesota Monitor Thu May 31, 2007 "When legislators and the Governor assemble the state budget, we shouldn't assume that every program should grow on autopilot. We need to examine every taxpayer dollar that will be spent and ensure that we are streamlining and keeping government efficient and effective," said Pawlenty."

Pawlenty Vetoes Transportation Bill by Jeff Fecke Minnesota Monitor Wed May 16, 2007

S.F. 440 Taxpayers' Transportation Accountability Act (Delete-Everything Amendment)

S.F. 813 Replacement of Federal Funds to The Department of Public Safety

S.F. 1111 Changes in Metropolitan Council Transportation Policy

S.F. 1161 Highway Contracts Regulation Provisions Modification

S.F. 1166 Department of Transportation Data

S.F. 1513 Transit Project Funding Limitations

S.F. 1986 Transportation Funding (Third Engrossment)

S.F. 1992 Public Safety Budget Bill

S.F. 9999 Public Safety Omnibus Funding Bill (Minnesota Laws 2007, Chapter 99)


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