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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Minnesota Officials No Free Pass - You Are FIRED!


Dear Congress, No Vacation while a Dictator rules our Nation...

"And knowing that our system is infested with people, all over the U.S., who are the most anti-American, I believe I've ever witnessed in my life, I'm paying them to destroy my country. Does Congress know how DYSFUNCTIONAL that feels?" by awakening July 26, 2007 Post on 'Obstructionists'

The Can't-Do Nation By John McQuaid The Washington Post Sunday, August 5, 2007

"And it's not just bridges."

My husband is alright, my Son is alright, my Daughter is alright, my Son In-law is alright, my Daughter In-law is alright, my friends and Coworkers are alright. Other people are not!

My Daughter In-law drove over the 35W bridge one half hour before the collapse. She crossed over the bridge every morning and every night, for her Hospital job. My Son In-law was just assigned last week, to travel south for his job, over that bridge, every day. My husband traveled the bridge through out the day for his job. I traveled that bridge through out the week for my job. My Daughter and Son go to the games in the city, crossing over that bridge.

Last week I decided to go to Minneapolis from Saint Paul during the day by way of I-94, so I wouldn't have to sit on 35W bridge, as I did the week before when I went into the city from home. The flow of traffic was so slow, each car inched along passed the construction going on. Sitting almost at a stand still.

I never liked going over that bridge, especially during winter after it snowed or after a rain storm. Cars would bottle neck almost instantly.

In 2005 when our government shut down, trailer tractor trucks trying to get their loads into Minnesota and as far as Canada were stranded at the boarder of Iowa and Minnesota. As well as trucks coming from Canada, stranded at the border. Because the governor refused to work with legislation.

Loads rotted, spoiled and / or ended up being dropped in another state. A segment of labor was impacted financially on a local level, with no doubt to the cross country impact that our state shut down caused. The trucks and other business monitored by the D.O.T, were prohibited from entering Minnesota due to the negligence of our governor and legislative body.

That was one of the small blips on our radar screen, as to how dysfunctional our governing body has become where transportation issues are involved, not to mention the many other basic needs. And no where did any official come to a state press conference to apologize to the public for the interference in every day workers lives, from essentially stopping the self-employed, small business and big business from operating.

35W is a main Economic Artery and that bridge was a vital valve to keeping not only workers moving from Minnesota and Wisconsin, but it also kept industry flowing forward.

There has been talk about privatizing our road way. Which is one of the most insane ideas I've ever heard.

If the governor, his appointed officials and any other politically driven department employee -- be it the feds or state -- think that the public is going to continue to allow bad management of our state, you are sorely mistaken. No free passes for this one.

Sounds like the Feds will now allow varying state department officials, to go back on the bridge today. Up close from the ground where they -- state -- were forced to remain, were prohibited from going, the last several days. Not working in unison, is another example of the 'dysfunction of deprivation and alienation' within the national and local system.

A father lost his life in the sewers under Saint Paul the week before. No one alerted the workers under the city that they needed to get out because of a torrential rain storm moving in to the city. The storm was so forceful that my car rocked back and forth from the sideways down pour, while sitting in the parking lot where my office is, in Saint Paul.

The Management of our municipalities are figure heads only. Where was the logical, common sense safety practice before the City of Saint Paul sent the workers underground and where was their critical thinking brains when they decided not to report the tragedy occurring, four hours after the workers were washed through the sewers of Saint Paul?

Our infrastructure is very poor by many Minnesotans standard. While someone else could come from another state and think we are sound, stable and secure. Because their town or city is falling apart faster than ours is.

Our infrastructure has deteriorated greatly under Republican power and money grabbers. The Democratic members may be the bystanders of the siphoning of our tax dollars, but they are not innocent either.

Has the climate of corruption gotten so bad that not one local official, had the guts to take a stand on the floor of the state capital, to address the failing state responsibility, to all state townships and municipalities? These people didn't just arrive to the state of Minnesota, they know what good was and they know what bad is.

It is criminal that a budget surplus was show cased by the governor, while our lives are put in daily jeopardy.

I want the governor recalled, he is the head of the D.O.T. I want all officials removed from their positions, if they were directly responsible for Not running through the streets yelling 'The Sky Is Falling.'

As for the Tyrannical Terrified "Its the Terrorists" Talking Heads, seek counseling now! Get rid of that crisis creating homeland security, too.

The newest Worst face of government is Minnesota.

one royally pissed off independent
(it takes a lot for me to ever utter a cuss word)

The original 40 year old design of the bridge prevented more deaths from occuring. I can't write anymore about this and will use other peoples posts to say what I can't bring myself to comment on just yet. by awakening

What we were doing since May 2007 forum Minneapolis - St. Paul Twin Cities "I *know* that it will get better soon, but right now I think it's downright miserable."

DownWithTyranny ABOUT THAT BRIDGE THAT FELL DOWN... IT REALLY IS SOMEBODY'S FAULT-- OR SOME PARTY'S FAULT Saturday, August 04, 2007 "Now is indeed the time to point fingers and give a failing grade to the political philosophy that says we can run America on the cheap. -Tim Bedore"

The Disconnect In Local Government Sunday, August 05, 2007 "Who tells a person that they must do a better job of living when they just suffered a horrific experience? Who does that?"

The Washington Post Those Who Perished, Survived Represent a Slice of America By Michael E. Ruane and Philip Rucker Washington Post Staff Writers Sunday, August 5, 2007 "It was like a weird dream, Jamie Winegar said. "We're just normal people, and it doesn't seem real. You're kind of weepy at one moment because you feel like, some people have died."

.Common Sense Giant Construction Company Says It Advised Retrofitting Minnesota Bridge in 2006 posted 08-04-07 "Pawlenty and his GOP propaganda squad (even White House spokespeople have been getting involved), may be trying to obfuscate the matter as much as they can, but URS, company that inspected I35 last year said....."

Star Tribune Ann McFeatters: Save now, pay later -- and how By Ann McFeatters, Scripps Howard News Service Published: August 05, 2007 "The nation's engineers thought they made this clear in 2005 when an American Society of Civil Engineers report card gave the country an overall grade of "D" after an examination of 15 areas, including the safety of bridges and dams, the adequacy of runways and water pipes, the modernization of schools and the design of highways."

Shakopee Valley News U of M professor listens, calms victims after bridge collapse Submitted by Pat Minelli on August 4, 2007 By Nick Hanson “It puts things into perspective, as people go through this type of thing,” he said. “There can be a lot of reflections, and suddenly the argument about where to hang the dish towel that morning isn’t that important.”

The Lead A "Typical" Minnesota Response -- We're Fine, Thanks for Asking... August 4, 2007 "As residents of the Twin Cities metropolitan area mourn their casualties, there may be little tangible that those of us elsewhere can do to assist."

greenpagan The Minnesota bridge collapse: One more indictment of the profit system By Barry Grey WSWS Saturday, August 04, 2007 "Like Katrina, there were ample warnings. Numerous surveys concluded that the bridge was “structurally deficient.” Its steel deck truss design, which provides no margin of safety should any major component fail, was discarded for precisely that reason shortly after the bridge was constructed forty years ago."

The Site Prophet A Failure of Government - Minnesota Bridge Collapse Posted by prophet "By now I’m sure everyone has seen reports of the bridge collapse in Minnesota. Did everyone see the the ruptured steam pipe in NYC or remember the numerous large scale power outages in the northeast?"

Amazyng News Videos MINNESOTA BRIDGE COLLAPSE TRIBUTE:ACCIDENT AND RESPONDERS Saturday, August 4, 2007 This video is dedicated to the responders throughout Minnesota and the victims of this terrible tragedy.

Blogger News Network Reasons for Our Impending U.S. Infrastructure Disasters This post was written by Ed Kent on 4 August, 2007 "Jumping ahead in history I was increasingly distressed to see the balance between interest groups being unsettled by successive political administrations. When JFK came to office, the maximum tax rate on income was 91%. Kennedy reduced it to 73% but closed a number of tax loopholes so that this actually produced an increase in tax revenues."

Victims of Conservative Ideology?
AlterNet By Joshua Holland Posted August 3, 2007 "Pawlenty insisted that inspections in 2005 and 2006 had found no structural problems with the bridge."

Guardian Unlimited Minn. Bridge Problems Uncovered in 1990" By SHARON COHEN and BRIAN BAKST Associated Press Writers Friday August 3, 2007 "In a 2001 report from the University of Minnesota's Department of Civil Engineering, inspectors found some girders had become distorted. Engineers also saw evidence of fatigue on trusses and said the bridge might collapse if part of the truss gave way under the eight-lane freeway."

DownWithTyranny CAN PAWLENTY, NORQUIST AND BUSH BE CHARGED AS ACCESSORIES TO MURDER IN THE MINNEAPOLIS BRIDGE COLLAPSE? "If you want Republicans in government, you get the inability for a society to act effectively and efficiently in the case of unforseen tragedies like Katrina or you get bridges with structural problems not being attended to. And low taxes for the very wealthy. You get greed and avarice run wild and contempt for the common good."

digg Even in Minnesota: When Domes Attack "Minneapolis-Saint Paul is the last place on earth"

From Worst Vote I've Ever Cast....Amy Klobuchar Voted 'Yea' on Iraq... Saturday, May 26, 2007 by awakening "It took me 23 years to vote straight democratic ticket...never again, no more, no matter what, especially not in 2008."

The Democratic members who voted 'Yea' are lacking critical thinking skills, foresight and courage.

So tell does one pay for an ongoing invasion already lacking in needed equipment and services for the troops and come up with the money for actual U.S needs -- mainstream needs??? More tax dollars from us?

Oh yes, how does one replace money lost to ongoing -- outragious government fraud and waste, in Iraq and here at home?

Then how does one come up with the money to pay attorneys to prosecute all of those real fraud and waste case when they actually hit the light of day? More tax dollars, from us?

And where does the money come from to put your pet projects into play? More tax dollars from us?

Don't we owe the whole world? More tax dollars from us?

There are so many items on the list....more tax dollars not called tax dollars, from us?

I am a tax payer, who actually believes that my tax dollars can work for the benefit of all...they used to anyway.

Democratic party members that voted 'Yea' have entered that special gold tipped GOP bubble preserved from the 109th Congress. Yes, that includes Senator Amy Klobuchar.

I have never, never regretted a vote, till now. To note...Klobuchar voting along the same lines as Rep. Michele Bachman, is too much. Now I have two public servant representatives that I am not comfortable contacting with my concerns. Great. Who's left?

The Dems that voted 'Nay' are such a minority in the Senate, that I guess I will have to back off from hoping for real change.

Dear Senator don't stand up in front of the camera's and tell me "I will have to understand." I don't think you realize, its you who didn't understand, didn't understand why I helped cast my vote to elect your majority.

Get it, it was me -- who along with so many others, helped you to become elected to 'be' my voice, to be his voice and her voice, to be our voice. Not a war mongering voice, but a voice for Peace, Truth and Logic. "You have flat out failed to be my voice."
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