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Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Hillary I Want For President...


The Hillary of the 1960s could've been my daughter of the 1990s. My dear daughter, when a high school student, was very much like the Hillary that wrote the letters to her friend.

Though my daughter became ill after she graduated high school at 17 years of age, her travel to college never realized, my daughter could still be a person who many would benefit from if she ran for elected office.

My daughter was a middle class teenager, much more mature then her years. Wisdom so old, it often took my breath away with her speech and good deeds.

I can recall the time that Hillary became the greatest female leader of influence upon my daughter and myself. I of course always spoke of Hillary with great respect and admiration, especially with my daughter.

I had Shirley Chisholm as a favorite great female role model leader, when I was a teenager and my daughter had Hillary Clinton among many other women on her list.

We may not have the actual proof of how the then First Lady was actively proactive -- pro-choice to all social needs, but we believe -- my daughter and I, that Hillary Clinton was somehow instrumental in helping a group of teens to continue their journey of social teaching through theater.

The Teen Theater Troop wrote, directed and acted the skits in High Schools and at Organizations that believed, fostered and supported teens knowing the truth and teaching the truth themselves to their peers, through acting.

The truth about safe teen sex, pregnancy, abstinence, drugs / alcohol, depression, suicide and more. The group wasn't welcomed in every high school and not every parent wanted their kid to see the skits, but over all the skits were cheered as a positive progressive vehicle for educating teenagers to the perils and pain of being a teenager, but with a message and solutions. Being able to relate the skits through the eyes of a teenager, to the every day life of a teen was just as educational to the adults in their life as to the teens who lived it.

There was one skit that my daughter was the lead character in, where she was the spirit of a teen who committed suicide. The spirit of a girl locked in a place of sorrow, spoke about what took her to the end, as she witnesses the pain of loss the people who loved her felt by being gone. My daughter wrote and directed that skit and there wasn't a dry eye in the theater where they presented it.

The troops leader, I should mention, was a wonderful role model for the teen boys and girls in the group. Another amazing young woman destined for great things, whether behind the scenes or out in front in the public eye.

The teen theater troop was funded by the Planned Parenthood at the time and was forced to disband because their funding was suddenly pulled. After my daughter and I wrote to the First Lady - Hillary Rodham Clinton about the plight of the troop and their good deeds in the community, within a few months their funding was restored.

Although we don't have actual proof that the Hillary we loved, was directly responsible for the restored funding, we want to believe she was somewhere behind the scene. One thing that Hillary Clinton did when her husband was in office, she hired very good staff who always responded to constituents through a written letter.

The letter we were sent made no reference to Hillary's direct involvement in my daughters theater troop getting their funding back, but it was a nice letter that reflected a First Lady who cared greatly about the constituents.

The letters that Hillary wrote to her friend in the 1960s is the Hillary that proactively pulsated through the media. And the Hillary that was there, a mature progressive persona, when she left the White House at the end of President Clinton's term.

That is the Hillary that my daughter and I fell in love with, Yes love. When you love someone for what they stand for, it is everything about inspiration, all things about courage and always planning for the future, yet excited about the right here and now. That was the Hillary that I was waiting for, to run for the Presidency of the United States.

I don't know where that Hillary went, but I want her to come back. I still eagerly watch for her interviews and debates, just to see if I can detect a ray of the Hillary that I remember from the 1990s. It may be wishful thinking, I can't completely give up on her yet, nor can I jump on the Hillary bandwagon either.

That's why I have resigned myself to just watch the presidential parade for now. I'll know the day I go to the polls, whether or not I found the Hillary that my daughter and I grew to love. My first choice may not be the vote I cast, but I will have the next best choice already decided.

The New York Times In the ’60s, a Future Candidate Poured Her Heart Out in Letters By MARK LEIBOVICH Published July 29, 2007

"In other letters, she would convey a mounting exasperation with her rigid conservative father and disdain for both “debutante” dormmates and an acid-dropping friend."

"The letters were written during a period when the future Mrs. Clinton was undergoing a period of profound political transformation, from the “Goldwater girl” who shared her father’s conservative outlook to a liberal antiwar activist."

“I’m really tired of people slamming doors and screaming obscenities at poor old life,” she says, and describes the sound of chirping birds amid the “soulless academia” that she will inhabit for just a few more weeks as an undergraduate."

Hillary Clinton for President


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