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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The United States of America

donkey o.d. Congress must reassert the balance of powers "Congress must look for other avenues of redress to protect its oversight role."
Dear Congress, No Vacation while a Dictator rules our Nation...
Anytime the dictatorship inserts language threatening the American people, it is one more example of how this shameful administration believes itself to be lord and master of the United States citizenry. It is never an accident that they broad stroke their agenda. It certainly makes it convenient to create a fitting press statement of whimsy. Fables and foil they do best. Lost is the moral of the story. They have not one.
by awakening

Cindy TRUE PATRIOT Cindy Sheehan ~ For the People

"Ah…another day, another story of how Cheney is dragging this country closer to 1930s Germany…" Cheney Criticizer Arrested for “Assault By: Nicole Belle on Wednesday, July 25th, 2007 "A few minutes later he was arrested by the Secret Service, in front of his 8-year-old son, for “assault”.

Crooks and Liars 187 Responses for “Cheney Criticizer Arrested for “Assault from >>>> A man walked up to Dick Cheney, calmly told him he thought his Iraq policy was reprehensible, and walked away.

Here's What the American Citizen Thinks About That...

#12 L.A. Confidential Says:
Well well well it’s all starting for real now.

Selling Impeach Bush Buttons
Arrested for expressing ones self.

Secret Service Authorization and Technical Modification Act of 2005
Sen. Arlen Specter [R-PA]

July 25th, 2007......Posting nanobucks complete comment.....You Rock NANOBUCKS and Crooks and Liars is always on the Roll.

{ awakening - me says: Mike Gravel ~ A TRUE PATRIOT }

#184 nanobucks Says:
Hello, I hope someone will read my entire post. I usually have a lot to say when I comment, and I apologize to the impatient “consumer” in those who wince, but I never post unless I believe I have something important to contribute on a subject. However I admit I do it for myself as well, since it helps me articulate my randomly generating thoughts. I hope I am at least articulate enough to keep you interested throughout the entire post, and you are inspired to further contribute to the conversation.

Has anyone seen the film, “The Last Castle“? Robert Redford starring as a courtmarshalled officer who finds life in the Army’s prison under a “wannabe warrior” Colonel without dignity. He brings hope and solidarity to his fellow soldier inmates through a series of confrontations with the Colonel that resort in further repression of the prison population.

Redford does some research to figure out how to bring the mistreatment to the attention of the powers-that-be and to remove the Colonel from his responsibilities. It ends up a military style prison takeover that gives dignity back to the inmates and embarrasses the Colonel, and results in his removal from command.

The prison takeover tactical goal was to capture the American flag and hoist it upside-down in the international signal of “distress“. This was crucial in order to demonstrate the legitimacy of the takeover. That it was a “patriotic” gesture, rather than one of anarchy. And it worked, although Redford was shot while trying to hoist the flag. As he lay dying the camera moves slowly to the tip of the flagpole only to show he had actually raised it correctly. Further embarrassment to the Colonel and additional proof of his tyranny.

I was 19 years old in 1972 holding a Selective Service Lottery number of “20″. Mike Gravel was filibustering in the Senate to stop the draft as a step toward ending the Iraq-like situation we had then called Vietnam. Nixon was delirious, simultaneously calling for additional troops while claiming to be de-escalating the war. McNamara was beginning to have his now-famous “crisis of conscience”, and the atmosphere in the country at large was eerily similar to that of this year, 2007.

I remember visiting with many friends back then who had huge American flags hanging on their walls, upside-down. I didn’t know it had a legitimate meaning, and saw it myself as a gesture of rebellious disrespect. Back then I was young and I preferred showing disrespect and not so much making genuine Constitutional statements. Mostly because I knew I was likely to end up in some rice paddy thousands of miles away. I also understood there was a good chance of dying there without ever understanding why…

However, Mike Gravel succeeded in his filibuster and was instrumental in exposing the lies of our government by bringing to light the Pentagon Papers. I believe there may be similar secrets being held by our current administration.

So now we find ourselves coming full circle with Iraq, and unfortunately, the Corporists are stronger than ever, and more dangerous than we ever imagined back in 1972. Well, some people knew, but I didn’t. And its pretty obvious that most of us didn’t or how did we come to this Constitutional crisis once again?

After watching that film, just a week or so prior to this last July 4th, I was inspired to consider Redford’s original plan as a prospective and collective method of making a public statement to our government and the remaining segment of the population who might still appreciate some enlightenment. Polls clearly show that some 10-20% of Americans are cleaning their assault rifles in preparation of the homeland insurgency that may well happen if things continue to spiral downward. Many of them surely hope it will, as they are so tired of inanimate targets.

I began my search on eBay for a nice big flag and a tall flagpole (I’ve actually always wanted to have one in my yard because I do believe I am patriotic). I was gonna do this, even though I live in the boonies and no one would see it except the Crystal meth-heads passing by to score from the lab down the end of the street. And the Police who are watching them, sometimes. Well, that gave me pause. My friends also suggested I might not be flying it very long once the Police saw it. Hmmm, they’re right of course and it did seem pointless to go to jail without having actually been sufficiently public with my gesture. So I thought about it some more.

July 4th came around and I started thinking about those first weeks after 9/11 when you saw American flags everywhere. On cars, in yards, in windows. Everywhere. We were a united nation in a way we had not been for a long time. Social and economic inequality had been quietly dividing the nation for over 20 years since the beginnings of the “trickle-down” economic policies (Give it to the rich and they will distribute it to the poor how they best see fit, um after they have had enough. They never have enough…). Yes, Reagan was a quasi-neocon. Certainly neo by association. I think back then the Kissinger “New World Order” people believed that their views were the same as the Neos. Greed though was the only common denominator (that’s certainly enough), and Kissinger and others, although still often in support of the current politic, will make it clear that they are not looking for a world population in economic servitude to western corporate interests. That’s what they say anyway. John Perkins might say otherwise.

Well, I’m thinking here it is the 4th of July and for a day America will join together briefly in celebration of the freedoms they may or not still have, but worse, what too many of them do not see as a danger. So I’m thinking what if one of the AntiWar groups had started a Call to Action before the 4th asking everyone to raise their flags in distress? Now imagine you’re on the other side and driving around noticing all the flags, but then there is one upside-down. Then another. A different part of town or neighborhood and “Hey, there’s another one! What does it mean?” And so on. It would be like Arlo Guthrie’s musical invitation to the Vietnam War protest in the song “Alice’s Restaurant” When he imagines more and more people joining in to sing a chorus, and the subsequent reaction by the Establishment. It must be a movement!

Well it was too late to manage anything group-wise for the 4th, and there’s still the paranoia factor as evidenced by the article above that prompted my post. Paranoia because there is more safety in numbers than there is alone. So I continue to think about it, looking for other ways I can inspire free-thinking.

Today I challenge ye true patriots to consider such a mass gesture on this coming September 11th. Help me suggest this idea to anyone who has a more public voice than I. The groups and individuals who might help plan and facilitate such a protest. Forward/copy this post if you will. But think about it and consider the implications, ramifications and potential power of such an act of true partisanship and solidarity. I love America. I do not wish to see her destroyed by greed and lust for power. Thank you.

#6 Dr. Matt Says:
I don’t recognize my country any longer. Reich-wingers, are you proud of this?

#11 myiq2xu Says:
My worst fear is that we’ll have some big terrorist attack next year and our elections will have to be postponed “for public safety.” Congress, of course will be moved to a secret location (for their safety) and anyone who objects will disappear and their property will be seized.

President Bush will give a speech where he refers to us as “all one big family.” He’ll tell us to think of him as a “big brother.”

#186 FreeDUMB Says:
I keep wondering when the aliens will descend to reclaim Cheney after he has finished his mission.

#164 dadams Says: this is the third time in ONE WEEK someone has been arrested for using their free speech rights. there was no assult here. just a %*@*ing dictator abusing the constitution.

The official video for Neil Young's "Let's Impeach The President" (also available as a free download on

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