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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

TRUE PATRIOT Cindy Sheehan ~ For the People

Dear Congress, No Vacation while a Dictator rules our Nation...
Anytime the dictatorship inserts language threatening the American people, it is one more example of how this shameful administration believes itself to be lord and master of the United States citizenry. It is never an accident that they broad stroke their agenda. It certainly makes it convenient to create a fitting press statement of whimsy. Fables and foil they do best. Lost is the moral of the story. They have not one. by awakening

Cindy Sheehan on Hardball last week by QuestionGirl THE BLUE HERALD 07/24/2007

Vendor Arrested for “Impeach Him” Buttons

A 74-year-old retired mathematician who sells anti-Bush buttons at a Maryland farmers’ market has become a symbol of free speech to some people.
By: Nicole Belle Crooks and Liars "

"Officials said kicking him out has nothing to do with politics but with fears that the atmosphere fostered by McConnell and his supporters would create a safety hazard. (Mayor Peter Fosselman even cancelled last Saturday’s market.)"

A True Patriot for the People.....

From Crooks and Liars Cindy Sheehan

Liberal AND Proud Says:
Protest is part of the American system. At least it was till the GOP gained control.


You don’t lobby people that can’t be influenced. Lobbying Conyers office was the right thing to do. Talk to Liebermann? What for? He wouldn’t have listened at ALL. Conyers gave her leeway and at least he listened.

Who called security? That is the question.

I support anyone’s right to protest…I support hers.

anon Says to Mr. XXXX @ 27:
Sorry, but READ A BOOK. Conyers chairs the very committee that should start impeachment proceedings. She was at exactly the right place and HE ARRESTED HER RATHER THAN IMPEACH BUSH.

Wayne Says In Reply to bbwar @ 21: She took a petition for impeachment with over 1 million signatures, and she got arrested, a Democrat, Conyers called the cops on her.

It look more to me that the Democrats in congress have undermined the base supporters that put them in majority in the house.
The Democrats seem to have sold us down the river.

That is my humble opinion

bbwar @ 21:
I don’t understand Cindy Sheehan anymore. She is now actively undermining the Democratic party, even though they are the ones who actively supported her. What she does not realize is that the republicans are waiting for these fissures to develop, so they can sneak in again and make things much much much worse.

Having said the above, I do admire Cindy for her courage, but it would be beneficial to all if she directed her anger at those deserving it.

Just my penny’s worth of thought.
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