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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

PM Gordon Brown ~ The Captain of the Ship

Dear Congress, No Vacation while a Dictator rules our Nation...

Nick Robinson's Newslog Blogging live from the prime minister's trip to the USA "What was striking was that Mr Brown, while talking warmly about the shared history and shared values of the two countries, did nothing to return those personal compliments. He even referred to their meetings as full and frank - which is normal diplomatic code for an argument."

Watched some of the press conference and the most telling part was PM Browns statement about Afghanistan being the most important place to focus attention. But that the obligations to Iraq would continue.

I believe I was able to get the gist of this meeting. And PM Brown did a good job in his wording to include 'all' of America, as in our Countries history and our Countries Future.

When he spoke of Terrorism, he made statements that spoke to the problem of terrorism and initiatives to prevent it. No where did he try to put a face on terrorism or throw out divisive examples or make divisive innuendo's. Unlike the other guy (Past to Present) standing beside him.

All that he spoke of is important and I am a bit, just a bit relieved he is on watch now, making sure that the United States gets on a constructive course. The other Countries the PM visited with, albeit, sent their instructions to the bush administration too.

Our country needs their - The United Nations - help, as they all have grown ahead of us...intellectually, environmentally and socially. This nation isn't going to be about the richest 2% anymore. The bubble has burst for the Obstructionists.

I think that the PM visit has been timed well and I look forward to reading about his meeting with the UN in New York.

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