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Monday, July 30, 2007

Congress - Iraq - Congress - Executive Orders - Congress - Habeas Corpus - Congress - Voting Fraud - Congress - Gonzales - Congress Goes On Vacation

Dear Congress, No Vacation while a Dictator rules our Nation...

"And knowing that our system is infested with people, all over the U.S., who are the most anti-American, I believe I've ever witnessed in my life, I'm paying them to destroy my country. Does Congress know how DYSFUNCTIONAL that feels?" by awakening July 26, 2007 Post on 'Obstructionists'

The Brad Blog BLOGGED BY Emily Levy ON 7/30/2007 11:19PM
Report from Public Hearing on Debra Bowen's 'Top-To-Bottom Review' of Voting Systems Detailed Coverage from Historic Hearing in Sacramento, California...Top-To-Bottom Review is a means to an end: “We want to be able to have secure, accurate, reliable and accessible elections and we want to be able to verify them. We want to be able to have confidence in the results of the electoral process.”

from Truth Surfer Not Off In LaLa Land - SD38's Picnic Thursday, July 26, 2007 "Mark Dayton gave a rousing speech about how the current republicans in office and the Bu$h administration say they want to build a consensus and bi-partisan government, but they really don't."

Check out Crooks and Liars - 18 Hours to Clarify Gonzales Testimony and The Huffington Posts - Is Alberto Gonzales A Masochist? The Comment Sections is many times more compelling then the actual story line....its where the average citizen gets to say what we all might be thinking but have no place to put the thought. I always find the opinions of the average Joe and Jane a lot more on point then much of the MSM talking heads.....

these are just a sampling......

Crooks and Liars Specter: White House has 18 hours to clarify Gonzales’s testimony By: Nicole Belle on Monday, July 30th, 2007

43 Responses

13 anonymous Says: I believe they will produce a letter saying that there will be no letter.

16 Rasputin Says: I don’t know where the reputation comes from, but Senators on both sides of the aisle have for years touted Spector as the most knowledgeable constitutional lawyer in the Senate, yet it was Spector who slipped in the clause that created the attorney scandal in the first place and all but destroyed Habeas Corpus and all the guaranteed rights that we used to have from the constitution. Is a pretty safe bet that what ever bombshell he is planning will fall on the American people and what is left of the Republic… if you can still call it that!

17 Cowboy Bob in Austin Says: Specter WAS WITH THE PRESIDENT on Air Force One last week when all this broke. They probably already worked out a compromise that Specter promised he could sell to congressional Republicans. SMOKE AND MIRRORS.

35 Harley Says: Otay @ 33: Anyone else see the following occurring: 1) August recess 2) During recess, Bush fires Gonzo and recess-appoints some other ***hat for AG, thus one-upping congress. Exactly. Bolton II.

Is Alberto Gonzales a Masochist? Thomas de Zengotita Posted July 29, 2007 The Huffington Post "There was something about the slope of his shoulders, the inclination of his head, the steadiness with which he approached them. He looked as if he were offering himself up to them. Willingly."

Comments (192)

Shake-A-Spear Beware the man who cannot get pi&&ed off! -- if and when he has every right to vent.

Let's just let it go. This guy is the greatest punching bag in the world and a walking,talking advertisement to the incompetancy and idiocy of the Bush administration. There is no way any rational thinking Republican can defend him, although I'm sure Sean Hannity will give it a try.

Gonzales is Rumsfeld all over again, they're trying to get as many miles as they can out of a dead horse. As long as Gonzo is at the top of page one, Iraq won't be.

puddytat His Get Out of Jail card is ready and waiting for him in case he faces criminal proceedings (like Scooter) and a nice job will be his after he's gone from office since he's been such a loyal NeoConNutJob enabler.

Semper What you may be failing to realize, is that Gonzales is from Texas. He is very reflective of Texas attitudes, social behavior and thinking. He is right on the mark. And he is also Texas republican. The law as practiced in that state is very different. For the first time, many Americans see that we are not all the same. There is regional politics. Gonzalez may turn your stomach, be he is a reality in Texas. No conscientious, contemptuous, and dishonest. And he has vast power that can affect your daily life. Scary isn't it.

Mercedes buddycor: The MOST important thing going on is the Iraq war; everything else is important, too, but we have got to make an exit plan to get out of Iraq NOW.

The NEXT important thing is Impeachment: first, Gonzales, then Cheney, then finally Bush. It is not because I don't like them, it is because they are DESTROYING our Constitution right before our eyes.

Examples: Last Fall Bush took away our right of Habeus Corpus, he's had us Illegally spied on, with the blessings of Attorney General Gonzales; Dick Cheney is his own little government branch and therefore has to answer to NO ONE; and MOST important is Bush signed a Presidential Directive on May 9th of this year, proclaiming that if the US of A has another terrorist attack or natural disaster (like Katrina) then he will have FULL POWER over the White House, the Supreme Court and CONGRESS. He's basically told us that he will be in charge of the WHOLE US GOVERNMENT whether we like it or not. This CANNOT HAPPEN! That is why he must be stopped, by Impeachment before the Nov. 2008 presidential elections; because I fear that somehow he will cancel the elections, due to some "terrorist" threat or attack.


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