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Monday, July 30, 2007

Late-night talk show pioneer Tom Snyder dies of leukemia Joe Garofoli, Chronicle Staff Writer SFGate Tuesday, July 31, 2007 Tom Snyder's passing is a sad one, his life was one to celebrate. A great deal of credit is given to him for helping me to shape a 'world' outside of my world perspective as a teenager. At 10:30 every school night, I would wait patiently often times doing my homework, for 12 midnight so that I could watch Tom Snyder, who was always on after Johnny Carson.

None of my friends in Junior High understood why I loved the Tom Snyder Show so much. But then again, I had a friend who loved Liberachi so much so, that she wouldn't leave the house when his specials came on TV. When I was a teeny bopper, I'd rush home after school to take a nap by Wednesday or Thursday of that week, so I could stay awake to watch Tom.

Getting up in the morning was sometimes hard, but it helped to have Dolly Partons 'Jolene' blasting in my ears. As I began working after school, I still found time for Tom Snyder during the week, though not as often.

His style of communicating his questions, his commentary and that laugh, all intrigued me starting at 14 years of age. His comfortably smooth and savvy way with the guests, gave the word class "More class." He, like very few others, especially today, had that special quality of a great interviewer.

His set lights were dimmed as such to relax the scene and the chairs were situated so that you got his profile and the guests full face. I would curl up and watch Tom Snyder with the lights out.

The only poster I had of him was from the cover of the TV Guide. That picture was added to my teenage gallery of favorite people....what a collection I had on my walls. The only other personality I have found that equals Tom Snyders "Journalistic Integrity" with talent to grow, was Aaron Brown News Night. An era gone by but not forgotten. What a wonderful memory. Tom Snyder (1936 - ):
He became a national figure in 1973 when he was named anchor of Tomorrow, a late-night television talk show that was replaced by Late Night with David Letterman in the early 1980s. .

The Tomorrow Show: Tom Snyder's Electric Kool-Aid Talk Show Barnes & Noble
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