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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Ellen Tauscher versus the Constitution by Kagro X from the Daily Kos Sun Jul 29, 2007 The Attorney General serves at the pleasure of the president in a non-impeachable office. Unless convicted of an illegal act, the Attorney General cannot be removed from office without the president asking for or accepting his resignation. However, please be assured that I will keep your thoughts and concerns in mind as I review the circumstances surrounding recent allegations of impropriety within the Justice Department.


Ellen O. Tauscher
Member of Congress

Dear Congress, No Vacation while a Dictator rules our Nation...

Anytime the dictatorship inserts language threatening the American people, it is one more example of how this shameful administration believes itself to be lord and master of the United States citizenry. It is never an accident that they broad stroke their agenda. It certainly makes it convenient to create a fitting press statement of whimsy. Fables and foil they do best. Lost is the moral of the story. They have not one. by awakening

of possible interest to someone.....

From Think Progress Gorbachev: U.S. as superpower has caused ‘disorder.’

From Canadian Latitude Forums - Neo-Cons Cheer Arrest Of Korey Rowe Frothing comments on the Digg page of our earlier article also triumph the fact that the military are now kidnapping American citizens as political prisoners.

From Canadian Latitude Forums Twenty Things You Should Know About Corporate Crime Posted: Sat Jun 16th, 2007 02:38 AM "(This is the text of a speech delivered by Russell Mokhiber, editor of Corporate Crime Reporter to the Taming the Giant Corporation conference in Washington, D.C., June 9, 2007.)"
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