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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Alberto Gonzales: Battered Wife Syndrome or Masochist?


Dear Congress, No Vacation while a Dictator rules our Nation...

Anytime the dictatorship inserts language threatening the American people, it is one more example of how this shameful administration believes itself to be lord and master of the United States citizenry. It is never an accident that they broad stroke their agenda. It certainly makes it convenient to create a fitting press statement of whimsy. Fables and foil they do best. Lost is the moral of the story. They have not one. by awakening

Is Alberto Gonzales a Masochist? Thomas de Zengotita Posted July 29, 2007 The Huffington Post "He looked as if he were offering himself up to them. Willingly."

Well, well, there is someone else out there whose inner oddity button / bell got hit, at how Attorney General Alberto Gonzoles displays himself to the public through the hearings, all of them.

I didn't use the battered wife syndrome in my "Turmoil" post lightly. And I would never make fun of anyone who was suffering the symptoms of being abused.

My personal experience tells me that the AG is suffering from something that the public may not want to know and that the White House may not want revealed.

Hence, his being made to stay in the AG position to protect the abuser. Body language may not always be assessed accurately, but after listening to and watching the AG through the past many months, there is definitely something going on within him, that says he is thee lightening rod, because someone commands it.

Therefore, he could be labeled a victim of the White House abuse. Maybe there is a smart Attorney out there who can help the AG out of the situation so that Congress can get to the real top culprits..... know, like when the big truck couldn't get through the tunnel no matter what the big men tried.

Along came a little girl who suggested they let the air out of the tire's. The truck's tire's were deflated and driven through the tunnel to the other side.

So my suggestion would be, let the air out of the AG hearings, offer a witness protection program and get to the other side where the real criminals are waiting.

Turmoil Sunday, July 29, 2007 A piece of my post..."The abused will protect the abuser at all cost."
Sample of how the abused person - wife views the abuse....
Q. Mrs.______, isn’t it true that near the end of August or September time frame, that you were severely beaten by the accused?

A. No. I wouldn’t say severely beaten.

Q. Did ______ Police Department intervene?

A. Yes.

Q. And was First Sergeant _______ notified?

A. Yes.

Q. What would –- how would you characterize the beating?

A. There were a few slaps on both parts. That was basically it.

And Speaking of Impeachment.... The Unknown Candidate Wednesday, July 25, 2007
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