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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Minnesota Say 'NO' To New 35W Bridge Builders!

A huge "Thank You" to .Common Sense for tipping me off to who 'Parsons Brinckerhoff' is. And it looks like the friends of Tim Pawlenty are friends with Donald Rumsfeld who were friends with Saddam Hussien, back in the good old days. Thats not the bad part though, it is the other stuff about them that's more worrisom. (I automatically assume that this company will also be chosen to head up all building projects and repair, just like Halliburton. )

Update: Dear Parsons, Bechtel and Brinckerhoff: Citizen Business, Nothing Personal... by awakening Sunday, August 19, 2007

Update 8/8/07: 2006 Engineering Excellence Award Winners Recognized The projects were evaluated based on... 2005-2006 Grand Award Winners

"It starts with the professionals hired to keep the infrastructure stable. It begins with a healthy governing body to actually have instilled within them, the interest and the critical thinking skills to do preventative governance on a local level." by awakening

.Common Sense "Big Dig" Engineering Company Given Contract to "Review Minnesota Bridge Inspection Protocols" 08-05-07 "Yes, one of the three engineering firms from Boston's Big Dig project will be in charge of keeping Minnesotans safe. Now don't you guys and gals feel safer?" AND "Parsons Brinckerhoff along with Bechtel and a third engineering company oversaw the building and subsequent repairs surrounding another tragedy, one that many think could have been avoided by the engineering company and it's partners."

Adding from 'No Free Pass' Post 8/4/07 .Common Sense Giant Construction Company Says It Advised Retrofitting Minnesota Bridge in 2006 posted 08-04-07 "Pawlenty and his GOP propaganda squad (even White House spokespeople have been getting involved), may be trying to obfuscate the matter as much as they can, but URS, company that inspected I35 last year said....."

VIDEO - CBS Boston Bech Lt. Governor Kerry Healey says it's unacceptable for the Big Dig's lead contractor to be involved in ongoing tunnel inspections. It was revealed Tuesday that engineers from Bechtel/Parsons Engineers No Longer Permitted To Inspect Big Dig Sites 10/23/06

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The Independent The world's at Bechtel's beck and call Sunday Apr 20, 2003 by Clayton Hirst "Mr Rumsfeld also outlined plans for a huge pipeline, running from Iraq to the Gulf of Aqaba in Jordan, which would have safeguarded oil supplies to the West."

VIDEO -NECN Members of Congress are in Boston to question Big Dig project manager Bechtel/Parsons Brinckerhoff and Massachusetts Attorney General Tom Reilly. Reilly recently took over the task of cost..., 7/17/06

Deseret News (Salt Lake City), Jul 12, 2006 by Jay Lindsay Associated Press Boston tunnel collapse kills 1 "People should not have to drive through the Turnpike tunnels with their fingers crossed," said Romney, a longtime critic of Amorello." AND "Andrew Paven, a spokesman for project manager Bechtel/Parsons Brinckerhoff, said the company was working with the Turnpike Authority to help pinpoint the cause and to prevent future accidents."

The Washington Post "State transportation officials said Saturday that they have hired the New York-based Parsons Brinckerhoff engineering firm as the consultant to review Minnesota's bridge inspection protocols. Parsons will also assist in speedier inspections of the state's bridges."

Video - Minneapolis Impeach For Peace Bridges Not Bombs' Protest Impeachment Progress News, Minnesota — Jodin Morey August 4, 2007

What Once Was: Twin Cities by Eluko79

Basic Flaw "The morality in honoring the injured and the dead was absent the day bush came to Minneapolis." Sunday, August 12, 2007

Homeless Life on the Mississippi..... Sunday, August 12, 2007
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