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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Senator Norm Coleman - Party Like Its 1993

Senator Norm Coleman should know better than anyone, what's in store for the Republican Party in the coming year. Who knows Karl 'Rabid' Rove may pop up here.

Norm became a turncoat (my husband still calls him that) after he won the reelection to become Mayor of Saint Paul, as a republican. He seemed to be wise in the ways of the MN Attorney Generals office and seemed to be supportive of civil rights before entering Mayoral service.

Norm was essentially useless to the Hurricane Katrina survivors, but he wasn't worse than Mark Kennedy. Or was he? Yeah, they both were terrible for us little people.

For Minnesota, Norm has 'done' nothing out loud that tells the average citizens that he cares about them, not since he was a Democratic Mayor.

But he was just the tip of the iceberg of what has become a flood of Democratic Congress members not listening to the 'People.'

The 110th Congress is pretty much fru fru lapdog's in the administrations ordained kennel. Norm may have gotten hoodwinked (a lot of people were) by what Michele Bachmann was really about when he stumped for her.

'She' who portrays the complete opposite of what Coleman seemingly portrayed before he became Mayor of Saint Paul, way back when.

Senator Paul Wellstone would have won over Coleman by a landslide, because he -- Paul Wellstone -- was 'exactly' what he portrayed...a voice of the "People" and not a 'Turncoat' my husband still - lovingly - calls Norm after all of these years.

Senator Klobuchar said one thing while running and did another after elected.

Norm Coleman is in too deep with the grossly ugly side of the GOP, that he can't escape now.

So Minnesotan's, lets help him out. Put that awful dictator beside him at every turn, make sure that bush is in every photo and in every article...synonymous with the bush administration...thee worst presidential administration in our country's history.

That should allow Coleman safe passage to obscurity in 2008. Norm Coleman, the politician who talks and walks like the war monger in the White House of Horror.

Update: Stuck between Iraq and a smug face Posted by Matt Snyders City Pages August 24, 2007 "In other Coleman news, SurveyUSA reports that his approval rating has enjoyed a slight bump from last month, jumping from 43 percent to 47 percent."

Bush Administration Has Been Using Illegal Wiretapping and Spying Activity for Political Purposes. Doubt It? Submitted by mark karlin on Monday 08/20/2007 A BUZZFLASH EDITORIAL

More Harm Than Good? "But will Coleman be thanking Bush for his support?" The Washington Post Monday, August 20, 2007

August 16, 2007 bush and Sen. Norm Coleman Minneapolis event protest 2 p.m. Tuesday, August 21st William and Tani Austin of Starkey Hearing Foundation......

"Now that we know bush is being asked to attend Norm Coleman's fund raising re-election event next Tuesday, it shines a new light on this Minnesota company. Starkey, you have sunk to a new low, for allowing bush to attend your galla, considering you are supposed to be a humanitarian company and bush has a record (the execution governor to warring president) of completely opposite origins. Makes one wonder, whats in it for the Austins, in Minnesota and / or world wide? "

Starkey Laboratories From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

PHOTO Goldie Hawn, with Bill and Tani Austin of the Starkey Hearing Foundation.

.....could someone possibly urge Goldie Hawn to call the Austins and ask them to Un-invite bush?

Since bush is bad for Republicans, I guess Norm (not a real republican) is on the hit list, which opens the door for Michele Bachmann? Or some other radical rabid wingnut? hmmm.....

Hurricane George - How the White House Drowned New Orleans By Greg Palast Published August 23rd, 2007 "That leaves the big, big question: WHY? Why on earth would the White House not tell the city to get the remaining folks out of there?"

. Common Sense Washington Post: How Rove Directed Federal Assets for GOP Gains "And they can make the taxpayer and the troops pay the price for themselves and their fat cat backers." August 19, 2007

110th Congress Worse Than the 109th?!?

Republican Rubbish Hurts

Mafia View from ELUKO79
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