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Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Unknown Candidate


Find Emails, MySpace Profiles of Employees of High Profile Groups .Common Sense posted 08-24-07

Hurricane George - How the White House Drowned New Orleans By Greg Palast Published August 23rd, 2007 "That leaves the big, big question: WHY? Why on earth would the White House not tell the city to get the remaining folks out of there?"
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Anonymous Bill Lenner said...

I like that Unknown Candidate graphic above.

BTW, you got a reply to your comment on my post about the Big Dig Company and Minnesota bridges.

I finally figured out where to find the comments so I could approve them a few days ago and did so with your comment.

You got a reply, and guess who from.

Someone at Parsons/Binckerhoff.

I Whois'ed the IP number at Network Solutions (I really don't do that, and it reveals little unless a person is using a web server at a big company that has their own connections.

I replied and told that commenter what I found. (I thought he was commenting directly on my post because the program just showed the comment alone and I've forgotten about the one from you that I found earlier.

Anyway if you want to see the replies, the link under my name will take you straight to the post, from which you can click on comments.

August 24, 2007 10:05 PM  
Blogger Awakening said...

Hey Bill,
Too interesting! The tone of Structural Engineer feels a little threatening, as well as filled with a lot of arrogance. What a big bully!

I didn't get any comments directly, but I sure did get tons of pb visits. I saved most of them, so I'll have to cross check the ISP's with mine...just to see if that person dropped by.

I read quite a few articles from many, many sources, over a period of many years, about more than just Bostons Big Dig fiasco. They couldn't all be wrong, could they? I think not.

Which again solidifies why I wouldn't want them in my town, nor anyone else's.

Not as long as they operate the way 'Structural Engineer' writes. Fascinating study on 'too big' business.

Thanks again Bill, for your expert sleuthing and your always truthful reporting. And Thank you for the comment on the Unknown Candidates graphic.

Have a pleasant peaceful weekend.

August 25, 2007 2:03 AM  

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