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Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Left Coaster ~ Slouching Towards Tehran by Marie


Superb writing, exquisitely meaningful! My New Favorite Blogger Over at The Left Coaster.......Marie

Slouching Towards Tehran Guest Post by Marie The Left Coaster Saturday September 8, 2007
"Real insight also takes time to coherently organize before presenting it to others; delusions spew out quickly with little to no logical or rational mediation."
"Some occasionally get as far as the boundaries of their muck and fewer still get beyond it (thinking outside the box is the more common metaphor that is so hackneyed that everybody thinks that she or he is outside it when most are so far inside it that they can't even see the borders of the box)."
"Now for a moment, and I know this may be dangerous for anyone's mental health and stability, let's get inside the minds of George and Dick and look at the proposal to take on Iran."
"The hollowness of the Democratic Party's promise to bring the troops home becomes riskier with time and could force them to cut off the funds."
"I should leave it at that. But what the hell, as I'm in for a penny, might as well make it a pound. (And give others bloggers the chance in the future to ridicule me for being even more wrong)"

I Get It Now ~ NO means KNOW Friday, September 07, 2007 "..."Let's distract the public with some new drama....!" by awakening
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