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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Thomas Paine’s Corner ~ Ten Fallacies About the Violence in Iraq


Ten Fallacies About the Violence in Iraq Published by cyrano2 Thomas Paine’s Corner

John Tirman is Executive Director of MIT’s Center for International Studies.

6. Foreign fighters, especially jihadis, are fueling the violence.

This was largely discredited but is making a comeback as Washington’s search for scapegoats intensifies.

10. Trust the same people who caused or endorsed the war to tell us what to do next.

Just finish the job… at a human cost of how many more dead? How many lives ruined? How much more damage to U.S.-Arab relations? How much anti-Muslim racism fomented to justify the killing?
That is the harsh reality of violence in Iraq. A half million dead. More than two million displaced. No end in sight.

Beware the delusions.

I Get It Now ~ NO means KNOW Friday, September 07, 2007 "..."Let's distract the public with some new drama....!" by awakening

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