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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Articles of Impeachment for Breach of Consumer Protection ~ Child Endangerment

Lead Exposure Poster

update: No Test, No Trust, No Toy - Christmas 2007 by awakening Monday, November 12, 2007

A Bad Grandma Moment! Toy Recalls Rattle Grandma World.... Sunday, September 09, 2007 "I pretty much believe that it was and is our nations governmental departments that must hold local companies and imported company merchandise 'accountable' to a much higher standard, for what they put out to us. The pet food scare began, then came the initial toy scare, where many of my granddaughters toys went in the garbage. Good ?child safe? Brand names that one had always trusted, brands that served up safe toys when my kids were small." Parents upset with toy recall hassles WICHITA, Ks, September 13, 2007 "Don't want any more Mattel toys, I don’t want any more Fischer Price I don't want any of them. Because how am I to know it's not gonna happen again," Wells said.

On the Cheap Des Moines Register September 14, 2007 Reader Comment Posted by PeaceMom on Fri Sep 14, 2007 "another reason to boycot companies who move work outside of the U.S. to save a buck."

Channel 13 Toy Recall Impacts Goodwill, Salvation Army Last Update: 9/13/2007 "Jane Flasch (Rochester, N.Y.) - "The recent toy recall may have a big impact on agencies that rely on donations for Christmas." AND "Yet concern over lead paint discovered in some toys has prompted some secondhand stores in other states to stop selling toys altogether."

How Toys "R" Us Tripped Up Its Online Crisis Strategy ClickZ By Tessa Wegert, The ClickZ Network, Sep 13, 2007 "While researching this topic, I was baffled by Toys "R" Us' inability to grasp the importance of a media buy focused on damage control. A Google search for toys r us lead paint recall returns 713,000 natural search results addressing the company's lead paint recalls, many from independent blogs. You won't find a Toys "R" Us search ad demonstrating the company's eagerness to make things right." AND "Worse still, Toys "R" Us has continued to run its standard paid search campaign throughout the media embroilment. A search for babies r us lead paint to uncover more about the subsidiary where the Toys "R" Us bibs were sold returns an ad for the Babies "R" Us official site, where you can "find a huge selection of baby products!" A huge selection of baby products that can cause learning problems, reduced intelligence, and hyperactivity in children? No thanks."

'Brand China' at risk after toy recall By Quentin Sommerville BBC News, Guangdong "All those Fisher Price toys are now just piled up in the warehouse - Liao Binling, 45, Lee Der worker"
AND "We didn't know what was in the paint when we made the toys, we were shocked, we found out from the newspapers," one worker said." AND "Mattel is believed to source its products from about 3,000 factories across China."

Articles of Impeachment for Breach of Consumer Protection Saturday, September 15, 2007 "Retitled X-Mess 2007 ......toy recalls, company negligence and greed, the lack of tangible and impartial product testing and oversight." AND "Then in 2001-2002, again with George Bush, the CPSC did not have a legal quorum for three months before Bush filled the vacancy with Stratton. The other time was 11 months in 1989 with George Bush Sr."

Articles of Impeachment for Breach of Consumer Protection ~ Child Neglect Saturday, September 15, 2007 "Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and Friends alike don't just love the children in their lives, they are fierce about what kinds of protection exist and what kinds of precautions can be taken."

Misplaced Anxiety Over Toys?
Scrutiny of Foreign Suppliers Intensifies, But Design Flaws Cause More Recalls

By Annys Shin and Renae Merle Washington Post Staff Writers Wednesday, September 12, 2007 "But as scrutiny intensifies on the global toy supply chain, some industry analysts, academics and consumer advocates have begun to question whether the focus on the toys' foreign suppliers is obscuring an even bigger problem: design flaws that originate with U.S. toy companies."

Consumers Union: CPSC 'starved for resources' By Staff -- Playthings, 9/12/2007 "CPSC began operating in 1974 with a staff of nearly 800 and a budget of $34.7 million—the equivalent of $125 million in today's dollars—but now has only 400 employees and a budget of $63.25 million—roughly half of the level of funding thirty years ago when taking into account inflation, according to Consumers Union."

Greenspan: Washington Is Harboring a "Dangerously" Disfunctional Goverment Remember this was predicted in Greenspan's book. "Don't let the Republicans do their propaganda dance when it happens. You know the one in which they do the spin spin spin thing." By .Common Sense September 15, 2007

The Contract with America From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia "As a direct result of the 1994 initiative. the fanatic side of the Republican party have slowly decimated and gutted a great country, our country. The worst elected leaders on record.

General Practice - Contract Law - Remedies for breaking contract What are my remedies in the event there is a breach?
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