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Monday, November 12, 2007

No Test, No Trust, No Toy - Christmas 2007


Just a Kid Moment……

What does Underprivileged, Poor and Economically Disadvantaged mean to you?

What does Privileged, Rich and Economically Advantaged mean to you?

This Holiday Season please be wise and kind to all the kids in your or someone else's life….

Safety First
Remember……….No Test, No Trust, No Toy!

Find other ways to give a special gift to a little boy and girl, be creative, take the time, memories matter. This year will take a bit more thought, a lot more attention and better investment.

Last but not least….

Throw in lot’s of batteries for portable electronics

Buy a trip to Camp Snoopy (Old Name) Mall of America, include the cost of treats too.

Sew or Construct a favorite toy that you had as a small child or your children had when they were young.

Buy a gift card from a popular book store (enough for several books), include the cost of a beverage too.

Are Roller Skating rinks still around?

A movie pass for a family, including the cost of snacks.

Just a few idea’s. Please be aware of public transportation accessibility and parking costs when choosing a gift for a family.

Thank you for thinking Safety First this Holiday Season.

Safe toys for the holidays and all year round By Nordette at Blogher Saturday 24 Nov 2007 Topics: Mommy & Family BlogHer Holiday Guide Christmas Hanukkah Kwanzaa and check out The Daily Green website....
(a big Thank you to Blogher for using my Grandma Noise poster and linking to this post!)

I have come up with a great idea for my Granddaughter! First my sister and I had one each and then my children had one each. I haven’t sewn in a while but I am willing to give it a try. Remember the cloth dolls with extremely long arms and legs? Velcro was attached to the hands and feet so the child could strap it around them and carry with everywhere they went. My sister and I had the brightly colored soft dolls with striped long arms and legs. Then my children had brown fuzzy furry monkey looking dolls with very long thin arms and legs with the Velcro patches on the hands and on the feet. I thought I could come up with an idea for a unique monkey with very long arms and legs, with Velcro. I’ve started my sketches and then will make a final pattern out of tissue paper, newspaper works for the practice draft pattern. All material to be used will be safe and age appropriate for Grandma’s Girl. Since I’m still relatively new at the Grandma thing, what ever I come up with, it sure will give me a sense of relief about giving something that won't cause physical or mental damage to my Granddaughter. After the McDonalds episode - see Toy Recalls Rattle Grandma World, nothing is more important then knowing that Grandma’s Girl can have a world of fun safe play.


Product Safety Chief Says Travel Sponsored by Outside Companies is Good Practice .Common Sense posted 11-12-07

Excerpt LA Times report "Safety panel's chief says paid travel is ethical ":

"Of course they like working with us under Ms. Nord. We let them send us whatever garbage importers want to push on us."

Toys “Я” Poison Posted on November 9, 2007 by mdking WriteChic Press

“Then there are American toy distributors preying on a parent’s desire to make a child happy.”

“When the drive for profit becomes so reckless it puts the health of wee ones at risk, it’s time to reevaluate our ambitions, our values, and our priorities.”

Efforts to crack down on lead paint thwarted by China, Bush Administration By Kevin G. Hall McClatchy Newspapers Posted on Tuesday, August 21, 2007

"In March 2006, a 4-year-old Minnesota boy died of lead poisoning after swallowing a metal charm that came with Reebok shoes. The charm was found to contain more than 90 percent lead."

"But as recently as last December, the Sierra Club sued the Bush administration after the Environmental Protection Agency rebuffed a petition to require health and safety studies for companies that use lead in children’s products."

Rueters Marvel recalls 5 styles of Curious George dolls Thu Nov 8, 2007

"Marvel Toys recalled about 175,000 Curious George plush dolls because the surface paint on the toy's plastic face and hat contain excessive levels of lead."

contact Marvel Toys at (800) 352-2064 to receive a full refund.

Another toy recall hits Fisher-Price London Free Press, Canada - Nov 7, 2007 By CP TORONTO -- Fisher-Price Canada is recalling about 14900 Laugh & Learn Learning Kitchen Toys, part of a worldwide recall of 155000 of the kitchen sets. ...

Toy recall horrifies parents Asheville Citizen-Times by Mark Barrett, MBARRETT@CITIZEN-TIMES.COM published November 9, 2007

"Sarah Evers, co-owner of the local Dancing Bear Toys stores, said it is not unusual to hear about recalls of toys with lead paint. But Evers, whose stores did not sell Aqua Dots, said this recall is so strange “it just kind of blows my mind.”

Consumer Affairs Recalls Children's Products A through Z
RECALLS: Auto Children's Products Drugs Food Household Products Sporting Goods

Lead Paint Toy Recalls - last updated on 12/12/07 recalled toys, jewelry and other children's products, lead paint information, legal to get more info....

12/12/07 - Fishing Game Sold in Supermarkets Recalled
12/12/07 - 153,000 Horseshoe Magnets Recalled
12/06/07 - Winnie The Pooh Potty Seats Recalled
12/05/07 - Fisher Price Medical Kit Recommended Recall
11/21/07 - Pencil Pouches Recalled

Some days it seems there is a ‘grand plan’ or something… Bear Republic Action Group

"Mark Shapiro had something to say about this agency. Did you know that it’s the only agency which has any say over the safety of your kid’s toys?"

Heading into the holidays, too many recalls! We've made tracking them easier!

Web site lets you vent about hazardous products

Share your product safety complaints online
By Diane C. Lade South Florida Sun-Sentinel November 11, 2007

Consumers Union Testing the lead test kits Posted by Don Mays at 10/24/07

"Three of the five home lead-testing kits we tested at Consumer Reports were useful though limited screening tools if you are worried about specific items in your home."

By Truman Lewis ConsumerAffairs.Com English and Spanish eBay: Where Recalled Items Live Forever October 30, 2007

"A test search finds 100% of the recalled toys on our 'shopping list'"

Consumer Affairs Agency says, we don't need your help Posted by Don Mays at 10/26/07

"Today's Washington Post reports that the Consumer Product Safety Commission has decided to oppose legislation giving it more staff, increased authority, and greater transparency. According to the agency, these things will make us less safe."

Safety is a bipartisan issue Posted by Don Mays at 10/29/07

Musings from Momland Of course, it's silly to "blame China" Saturday, November 10, 2007

"- the fault lies with our corporations, and our own lust for cheap goods, right. Yes. But. Then I read this Mother Jones article, "It's the systematic dismantling of the agency."

"Because they are so underfunded and understaffed, CPSC can't......."

NurseTips Health tips and articles written by an experienced RN. Sunday, November 11, 2007

Health Headlines - November 11

Lead Concerns Prompt Recalls of More Chinese Toys

U.S. Stores Ordered to Remove Aqua Dots

No Lead Woes At Local 'Natural' Toy Store - WCCO November 11, 2007 (wood easel,easel)

"We have been trying to tell people where our stuff is made so it is good that they are asking now, and we can steer them to some of the great USA made toys that we love to carry, but have not sold so well."

NO TOYS FOR CHRISTMAS! Pundit Mom Friday, November 09, 2007

Shannon said...
"I totally agree with you on the Gordon Gecko vibe. With millions of toys recalled, I just can't help believing there must have been some willful negligence going on, and perhaps still going on.

Hello Amish, goodbye malls."

rainstribe 10 November 2007
- The Approved "Safe" toy list for Christmas 2007

"Why aren't people inspecting these things as they come in, instead of "after-the-fact?" Current Mood: cranky

The StoryTeller I think we can afford to bring our toys home. I think we should!
"This blog is about stories I tell and collect. Many of them are from the Appalachian Mountains and my Scots-Irish family. "

updated Fri November 9, 2007
CNNMoney: Recalls scare parents away from hot toys

updated Thur November 8, 2007
Family recalls frightening ordeal with contaminated toy

Haba Toys Safety Information Carefully Check all aspects of the where, what and how made...

updated Thur November 8, 2007
CNNMoney: Marvel recalling plush 'Curious George' dolls

Don't forget that Teens will need Safety First when it comes to....

from Lead Paint Toy Recall website...Last updated on 12/07/07 Site Map
Recalled Toys, Jewelry, Clothing and More from Lead Paint Toy to find out whats been added to....
12/07/07 - 260,000 Children's Sunglasses Recalled
12/06/07 - Home Depot Recalls Holiday Decorations
12/06/07 - Collectible Mini Racing Helmets Recalled
11/29/07 - American Greetings Recalls Confetti Bursts
11/28/07 - Christmas Tree Ornaments Recalled


CNN Group: Lipsticks test positive for lead

Campaign for Safe Cosmetics reports it found lead in top brands including L'Oréal, Cover Girl and Christian Dior. By Jessica Dickler, staff writer October 12 2007

Cosmetics Consumerist Shoppers Bite Back

"One-third of the lipsticks tested had levels higher than 0.1 ppm, the FDA's safety limit for lead in candy."

"....and because pregnant women are "particularly vulnerable to lead exposure" and "lead has also been linked to infertility and miscarriage."

click to see the LIST of Lipsticks with less than 0.02 parts per million (ppm) lead

FunnyBusiness: Cosmetic Industry Does Not Plan A Lipstick Recall Monday, October 15, 2007
Spotting Trends in Business -- work life, culture, careers, marketing,advertising,corporate decision-making,management,and office politics

Byy longjj Natural Cosmetics, Beauty and Skin

Consumer Affairs Estee Lauder - Women of Color

Safe Cosmetics Newsroom About the Campaign

"Campaign for Safe Cosmetics reports it found lead in top brands including L'Oréal, Cover Girl and Christian Dior. "

This Christmas Branded X-Mess by awakening Friday, September 21, 2007

Product Recalls Ding and Dent Consumer Confidence - Drains Dollars by awakening Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Toy Recalls - Buy at Your Own Risk - New American Motto by awakening Monday, September 17, 2007

Articles of Impeachment for Breach of Consumer Protection by awakening Saturday, September 15, 2007

A Bad Grandma Moment! Toy Recalls Rattle Grandma World....
by awakening Sunday, September 09, 2007


Blogger sjm746 said...

Buy Safe Toys Here

December 10, 2007 6:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The best Christmas gift for me was the Dior cosmetics!

January 17, 2008 7:22 PM  
Blogger Awakening said...

Hi Anon,
Here's a link for you to track your favorite’s....

Because of my daughter's sudden sensitivity to a few of her favorites, was wondering what to get her for Christmas when I stumbled over the cosmetic and cologne reports. Had no idea. Have a good day.

January 18, 2008 5:09 AM  

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