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Monday, November 05, 2007

Updated at: 11/07/2007 03:13:05 AM
2007 ELECTION RESULTS By: Nicole Muehlhausen, Web Producer

Voters cough up more money
Minnesotans head to the polls
Is the levy too heavy on your pocket book?
List of approved & failed levies

Updated at: 11/01/2007 School Referendums
From KSTP Channel 5 By: Nicole Muehlhausen, Web Producer Posted at: 10/31/2007

Record number of Minn. school districts propose levies

List of districts considering an operating levy

List of districts asking for bond referendums

The Anoka Hennepin School District needs school levies to make up for next year’s $42 million budge shortfall.

By John Fitzgerald
Minnesota 2020 Fellow
School Levies: Not in an Olympic Year
"He also said the stakes in the election are higher. “Twenty years ago, less than 47 percent of districts had an operating levy and they were for smaller amounts to be used for extras. In 2007, more than 90 percent of districts have an operating levy and they’re not for extras any more,” Abbott said."

Sat Nov 03, 2007 Jeff Fecke Minnesota Monitor
Because God Said: Youth Ministry Uses Deception to Gain Access to Public Schools

"We passed out over 100,000 [religious] tracts in public high schools because God said. Not because some tyrannical government wants to try telling us what we can say and what we can't say, because we know what the Constitution says," said Dean. "We know who the problem is, nothing's changed in two thousand years."

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