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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The California Fires


Update 10/24/2007 The water truck and bulldozer is positioned near my family's home, on their land. The van is packed and ready.

My entire family is scattered all over the area and so far, all are doing OK.

I was going to visit family in late September and early October. But because of unexpected matters I had to postpone my travels. After talking to family yesterday and hearing that the fires were all around them and as close as two mountains over, it looks like I will be going back to help clean up when its time.

I recall four years ago when the fires were raging around the area, it was so bad people had to shut themselves in their homes in order to filter out the heavy smoke.

My family was so stressed out waiting for the evacuation orders, that they were manic over getting things ready. Those fires got close.

The rumors were flying all over, not enough first responders, not enough fire fighters....not enough help to save peoples homes. That was four years ago.

This years massive fire season is mind numbing and it isn't over yet. Mind numbing, not enough words to describe the emotions that are swirling around.

The loss of homes is in the thousands, per my Aunt yesterday, not hundreds as the mainstream news continues repeating in their reports.

Hope For Rain........
.Common Sense has the updates on the fires blanketing the landscape in California. Go to his site for stories and video......Common Sense

Modjeska Didn't Have to Burn (Updated)
posted 10-23-07

In ... Orange County, a fire chief lashed out at state officials, saying air support, such as tankers, might have helped control fires early on, before they burned homes, if it had been available. It wasn't because so many fires struck California almost simultaneously beginning last weekend.

More Video Santiago Canyon Fire With Fitting Music

Death Toll Rises to Five In So. California Fires

How About From Now On We Just List the Areas in San Diego County That Are Not Burning?

Amateur Video of Santiago Canyon Fire

New Fires Threaten Mt Palomar Telescope, Telecommunications Equipment and ... Er... a Nuclear Energy Plant

Always Responding, Never Preventing by awakening Saturday, August 04, 2007 "This method to the madness that is now our national past time, has got to end soon."

The victims of the 35W bridge collapse still have not received help from the state of minnesota....thus leaving them helpless while trying to recover. As we already know from the Hurricane Katrina - Expect very little, Expect mostly nothing always. I don't find any sense of relief when big promises are made by any elected official, not anymore. Maybe we just got used to their years of public promises as typical politics. If not for the good citizens of any town or city, we would be much worse off. The fabric of our nation is still lined with hopeful citizenry.
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