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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Articles of Impeachment for Breach of Consumer Protection

Lead Exposure Poster

update: No Test, No Trust, No Toy - Christmas 2007 by awakening Monday, November 12, 2007

Efforts to crack down on lead paint thwarted by China, Bush Administration By Kevin G. Hall McClatchy Newspapers Posted on Tuesday, August 21, 2007 "Both have fought efforts to better police imported toys from China."

Christmas is coming in a few months and I am 'Not' going to shop for toys.
Retitled X-Mess 2007 ......toy recalls, company negligence and greed, the lack of tangible and impartial product testing and oversight.

A company ( US or otherwise ) overseeing its own product safety, broadcasting its product safety and then selling its product? This is not tangible evidence of the products safety, nor is it sensible protocol to undertake. A reputable outside agency has to do the job of product safety testing, not just adequate, but exceptional product safety testing.

Upon hearing about the Pet Food Recall, I hurriedly tossed out the pet food products on the LIST. But that list was so confusing because the makers of the product in question still sold many other products under the company name. I turned to the Pet Blogs, where they helped to sort out the products in the market much better. Plus they could add the background story on many products getting through to the consumer, that should not. Products that I decided were not worth the risk to buy ever again. And I won't.

Even though we have been dealing with 'People' Food Recalls for the past year especially, it was the pet food recall that really got under my skin. The love of my four legged babies came first and the cost for the purchase of their food and treats were and are part of that daily ritual.

Then when the Child and Infant Toy and Item Recall hit, I was taken aback. Watching my daughter go through a worrisome level of stress, to rid my granddaughters life of lead tainted toys and bibs, sent the strongest message thus far. I 'Cannot' just go out and 'Shop' anymore....A Bad Grandma Moment! Toy Recalls Rattle Grandma World.

Shopping with a lot of Angst: am I purchasing the correct item, a safe item and that the item purchased will not be on a recall list in a matter of time, before the warranty runs out?

I can't take that chance anymore, I can't afford to keep throwing out products or having other people throw away gifts that turn out to be unsafe, that I purchase with my modest paycheck. So, I will 'not' be buying toys for my Granddaughter this year, or any other child for that matter.

Instead, I will do my homework and learn to make something safe. Books are still on the list though. Maybe in a year, practices that used to be in place, in the 1990's will return. Boycotting Toys....minimal shopping altogether, that is my solution to the Toy Recall crisis and other products for now. I love my granddaughter so much, I cannot risk giving her something that could make her sick.

Consumers Could Face Higher Toy Prices By ANNE D'INNOCENZIO The Associated Press 9/14/07 "For her twin sons' birthday next month, McMorow will be avoiding traditional toys and looking at playswings or a sand box. "Nothing they can chew on or swallow," she said."

And with that, I hold the Bush Administration as the primary party responsible for my current consumer dilemma. If a person as powerful as the president tells the people to go shopping, then that powerful person should have enforced the protection of the consumer and should not have shirked their duty in the very thing they are promoting.


Concerned Grandma

THINK PROGRESS With Recession Looming, Bush Tells America To ‘Go Shopping More’ Posted by Amanda December 20, 2006 "Bush did nothing to mobilize public opinion to accept the sacrifices that war implies — the first thing a leader would do. Tax cuts could go ahead as planned, and energy saving was dismissed out of hand. “Go shopping” was the administration’s message."

Consumer Safety Agency In Limbo White House Fails to Fill Vacancy; Remaining Commissioners Stripped of their Power By Joseph S. Enoch ConsumerAffairs.Com February 6, 2007

"It is unclear how long the CPSC will be in this legal limbo. President George Bush has not announced a replacement and when he does, that individual must be approved by the Senate."


"This state of limbo has occurred three times before, according to Wolfson. The last time was in April 2005 where the CPSC lost quorum for a month before Bush appointed the current acting commissioner, Nancy Nord. Then in 2001-2002, again with George Bush, the CPSC did not have a legal quorum for three months before Bush filled the vacancy with Stratton. The other time was 11 months in 1989 with George Bush Sr."

This work begins with keeping our economy growing. … And I encourage you all to go shopping more. Bush added today that 2007 will “require difficult choices and additional sacrifices” from the American people.

Articles of Impeachment for Breach of Consumer Protection ~ Child Endangerment

Articles of Impeachment for Breach of Consumer Protection ~ Child Neglect

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