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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Crooks and Liars ~ Faux Noise aka Fox news 'Outed' As Activists, Not Real News Source?

I stopped watching 'Faux Noise' a long time ago. I may have to endure the local station when my husband watches sports. The local station -- real news -- gets the spill over from the cable side -- Propaganda -- especially on Sunday.

But there is nothing on the local station or the cable station that we 'have' to watch.

I usually don't post about this kind of stuff and let the big blogs do their 'good' work on exposing the bad side of media, which is not representative of the mass main stream or even the mass main street citizen.

Just recently MSNBC Countdowns Keith Olbermann kicked butt in ratings, where the average main stream meet up to hear whats really going on out in the world. HOORAY for Keith! He's the one that Stepanie Miller wants to marry.

If you have cable or the Internet, you are one of the lucky ones.

But 'this' story was too irresistible not to post about.......

And people actually wondered why the idea of having the Democratic debates on this particular station 'faux noise' was not received well by the candidates or the public. It should never have been pitched at all. The entire 'faux noise' cable cast of rabid wingnut lap dog characters, is why.

They are the threads of the radical right wing fringe....and do not represent middle America.

Good for Crooks and Liars John Amato for capturing one of them 'Outing' the entire lot! If they are not considered cable news (which they are not), and in fact cable activists (which they are for the extreme right), does that change their status under the FCC? Does that mean they must bill themselves differently? If so, what will happen to NewsHounds?

Hannity admits FOX NEWS became activists and helped to defeat the Immigration bill By: John Amato at Crooks and Liars Sunday September 16, 2007 "I thought FOX News was supposed to be a “news” channel and report events—not act as a wingnut activist organization, instill fear in politicians and try to defeat legislation."

"Given enough time, they can't help but to bubble all over themselves!"

For those that can't bear to watch 'Faux Noise' aka fox news go to....News Hounds tag line "We watch FOX so you don't have to."
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