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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Celebrating The Little Rock Nine ~ Louis Armstrongs All Stars

In Memory of My Girl ~ Ally Wednesday, August 30, 2006 "What A Wondeful World By Louis Armstrong"

Op-Ed Contributor The Day Louis Armstrong Made Noise By DAVID MARGOLICK
New York Times Published Sunday September 23, 2007 "On the night of Sept. 17, 1957, two weeks after the Little Rock Nine were first barred from Central High School, the jazz trumpeter happened to be on tour with his All Stars band in Grand Forks."

Racism IS the Answer ~ "Explain the Inequity" was the Question by awakening Saturday, June 30, 2007 "they all (except for Sen. Clinton) seem to have only heard the words Black and Drop Out....pretty telling what conditioning can do to a person...."

Tavis Smiley PBS Democratic Debate Saturday, June 30, 2007 "{{{{{ Black Nooses Hanging from the "White" Tree Injustice in Jena By BILL QUIGLEY July 3, 2007 }}}}}" AND "Emailed Today ..... Dear Democratic Candidates:"

What Do You Know About The Jena 6? posted 09-22-07 Courtesy of .Common Sense Link

Website Calls For Lynching of Jena 6, Claims to Have Student's Addresses. posted 09-23-07 by .Common Sense
"says that a white Supremacist website has offered up what it claims are the addresses of the Jena 6 students and hinted at vigilante "justice" in what an FBI spokeswoman said was a call for lynching."

TAVIS ISN'T SMILING OVER REPUBLICAN SNUBS OF UP COMING DEBATE: Journalist/activist says the show will go on, though. By Ricardo A Hazell EURweb Tuesday September 18, 2007 "The frontrunners, specifically Mr. Romney, Mr. McCain and Mr. Guiliani, have said to us they will not be on stage at Morgan State University on September 27th. All the Democrats showed up in June, but the front running Republicans have said they will not be there. They have also told Univision that they will not be there for the Hispanic debate. So, collectively, what the Republican frontrunners have told both black and brown Americans is that we don't appreciate you, don't value your issues and you're not a priority to us."

EURweb Speak Out Currently, 121 comments have been made on this story.

Name: ChocolateBrownGal Comment: TGEN.... "I agree. As much as I like and admire Tavis, as many, many do, I fear people will take this piece as gospel simply for that reason and not complete their own investigation of what happened. I guess much like many take what's covered in EUR as gospel. This is an opinion based on a reality. In our search for truth, let's REQUIRE it ALL be told by everyone. BTW...excellent comment DONJUAN."

GOP candidates snub Univision By: Gebe Martinez Politico Sep 9, 2007 "Only John McCain accepted the invitation"
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