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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Racism IS the Answer ~ "Explain the Inequity" was the Question


The PBS Democratic Debate Hosted by Tavis Smiley was interesting enough. I wasn't going to watch it, not until Thom Hartmann on Air America, pointed out a fascinating result of one of the questions. Before I get to that, go below and link to the audio, video or transcript if you're interested in how the candidates answered the questions put to them. Thom Hartmann explained that he had to end up watching the Democratic Debate on the Internet because his local PBS station didn't air the debate. The question that seemed to peak his interest was....

The 2006 Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that there was a 33% higher unemployment rate among Black High School Graduates verses White High School Drop Outs. How do you explain the inequity between the two groups?

Thom noted that the answer was 'RACISM'........

{{{{{ Black Nooses Hanging from the "White" Tree Injustice in Jena By BILL QUIGLEY July 3, 2007 }}}}} I decided to listen to the audio first, watch the video and save the transcript. He was right....the first Candidate - Sen. Biden set the tone for all of the other Candidates in how they answered the question. But they did not answer the question that was put to them.... except for Senator Clinton, who did not directly answer the question straight away. Responding instead to the 'early education achievement gap' answer that Senator Biden started with first. Senator Clinton at least -- out of all -- said the word 'Discrimination' in the tail end of her answer. So in my opinion, Senator Clinton does recognize the disparity caused by discrimination, which Is Racism when you are talking about High School Graduates of Color enduring higher Unemployment rates. But as far as how the Candidates should have answered the question....they all (except for Sen. Clinton) seem to have only heard the words Black and Drop Out....pretty telling what conditioning can do to a person....

Biden - MISSED big time .....Started the 'Achievement Gap' Answer for a Question that Has nothing to do with Early Education....placing the blame squarely on the shoulders of the Mothers.....

Richardson - *MISSED*

Edwards - MISSED

Obama - *MISSED*

Kucinich - MISSED

Gravel - MISSED


Clinton - **HOME RUN** .......There is still Discrimination in the work place....

Emailed Today..... Dear Democratic Candidates: Governor Bill Richardson, Senator Joseph Biden, Senator Hillary Clinton, Former Senator John Edwards, Former Senator Mike Gravel, Congressman Dennis Kucinich, Senator Barack Obama, U.S. Senator Christopher J. Dodd,

I thought it a good idea to send this message about how one of the question's was 'Heard' and how it was answered, by all Candidates at the Democratic Debates the other day. Although one can see how it happened, the correct answer to the question was very important. Thank you.

All American Presidential Forums On PBS Moderated By Tavis Smiley June 28, 2007

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