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Thursday, January 26, 2006

POD Alert ~ Ethnic Cleansing in New Orleans???

An Encounter with the Politically Obscure Dashboarder...

I tripped over a conversation this morning, airing on Air America Minnesota AM 950. The Host - Robert Hill and Hostess - Dawn Morningstar were discussing the recovery and rebuilding in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. The chatter was promising, a radio station was focusing on the plight of the people in the Southern Gulf Coast.

I was all ears and then I heard something that I think most people suspected in their hearts but didn't want to believe, especially those from the devastated area's hardest hit. It was a story about the Host going to New York during New Years Eve. The Guest Host by chance, noticed a very affluent family from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. They began talking, though the Host didn't offer his profile, they however did.

The couple, with their children in tow, were very happy that the collapse of the New Orleans levees flooded and washed away all the African Americans - who happened to be Democrats. They believe that New Orleans will be re-made in 'their' image and that the city will become a Republican city and Louisiana a Republican state.

I still don't have words to describe my feelings about this Host's revealing encounter. There has been an unsettling undercurrent of some kind, from the very beginning of that fateful day. There are many things wrong in our world today and many things good, but nothing is as painfully gut wrenching as knowing someone is "Rejoicing" over another's devastating, catastrophic, life altering tragedy, for personal and party gain. Nothing! Nothing! Nothing!

The radio program had a Reverend from New Orleans, who also discussed how people could help and what was really happening in the city. I hope all those that were listening to AM 950 this morning, tell their friends, co-workers and family, who will tell their friends, co-workers and family, too.

And to all our Minnesota State Representatives and State Senators, you won't just be getting letters from me anymore. There will hopefully be hundreds and hundreds, who now have a better focus on what needs to be done. There won't be any reason to ignore that many people. After all, what happens in the Gulf Coast does affect the entire nation.


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