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Friday, January 20, 2006

~ Unordinary People ~ the New Orleans Will

1/19/2006 - Letter to the Mayor of New Orleans - Reviving the Heart Beat of the Evacuees, the Exiled and the Survivors of this Nation...
Dear Mr. Mayor:
Firstly, you have nothing to apologize for. Remember, being yourself is the key. You were elected by masses, who know you and your good deeds. And, those that say they are embarrassed, need to get over it.
I think you did a good job speaking from your heart. Those that have been waiting for you to show where your heart truly is, now have the personal message to return. Walk the walk, talk the talk.
I was surprised by your comments, but then again, I don't have public officials in my area speaking from their heart, to their constituents. They usually make a lot of noise. But don't usually say anything meaningful. I also realized that you live in an area that uses vocabulary unlike other cities and states. Each has their own flavor, their own way of making dialogue. So, if real words, filled with real meaning aren't used to communicate to those that live in that region, how will those people know the message?
Don't give the nay sayers the satisfaction of seeing you unseated, by words that needed to be conveyed. These are not typically people who were in your corner to begin with. You can rethink another way the words could've been phrased. They wouldn't have been as powerful and as deep.
Besides, you have a very unordinary daily life, as do all that survived the aftermath of the hurricane and levee collapse. The nation has not been paying enough attention to a city or a region -- in need of help. Now that you have their attention, what can you do to speak out on other matters concerning your city and the gulf coast? Take care, prayers and thoughts and thank you.


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