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Monday, January 16, 2006

Police Officer ~ Freedom in a Land of Law's


My Grandfather served his community in many ways, back in the 1930's. This was normalcy in an age where parts of our nation was populated with diverse groups of people. This was California. So what happened that this normal everyday, be anything, reach the heights, free to pursue a dream - didn't spread across the nation to become everyone's way of life?
Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness sadly eluded people in pockets of this land, our land. Forced vacuum poverty led to an intensely internalized hope, that one day, the promised land would appear. The promised land would materialize to those who continued to spread the word. Reverend King was the embodiment of what equality should look like, sound like and be like. For those that had a taste of freedom, but no longer knew its form, Dr. King, is still a force from the 1960s that we dearly still need today in the year 2006. Undeniably, a powerfully peaceful force that all people from all lands can still learn from, especially in this, our land, the United States of America.


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