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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

POD Alert ~ Here, There & Everywhere?

Politically Obscure Dashboarders - made to last until the next election.

10-02-2005 2 Letters Sent - Governor Pawlenty of Minnesota, Democratic and Republican Party, The White House, Senator Clinton and Governor Blanco

Dear Governor of Minnesota:
The letter below was sent to both the Democratic and Republican party and several areas of interest because of recent events to do with the gulf coast catastrophe and the realization of our present governmental departments role to the public. Where money really went and where new monies will go. It hit me as I watched the people in the gulf coast helpless, lost and fractured from not just mother natures hand, but from our very own governmental process. The scenes that unraveled the infrastructure on the federal level was alarming enough.

The people in the areas hit, were and are citizens / tax payers who for what ever reason never seemed to receive a full color picture of the real seriousness of threat to them personally. Was a federal, to a state, to a local level mistake made? Not to emphasize and then act on the need for preplanning, building and maintenance, on a level that included each and every citizen, through town meetings, referendums and inviting people to vote on the matter? Something so major, to all citizens of the region, I want to learn more. Not necessarily for the political factors, but for the relationship between the citizens, commerce and their leaders.

What happened that this many people never came together to begin action on the plan from exercise - Hurricane Pam? The gulf coast faces and voices of class, race, age, gender and even religion make a remarkable statement as a whole and can't be minimized, covered up or omitted by statistics on paper. Something was not present before the hurricane hit the region. Something was missing after the hurricane. Several things occurred to me that I will keep to myself for now. My voice is one tiny blip, it may have no value for anyone who read my words. The meaning of my message is, however, important to me because I am not sure about my own states political climate.

Not till a few years ago, did I begin to doubt Minnesota's ability to keep the 'people' in focus, to help us help our selves and stay the course towards quality of life. I moved to Minnesota when Governor Carlson was in office and I was wonderfully amazed by the interconnectedness of it 'all.' No where was it more apparent that the citizens shoulder to shoulder - equal to any other, had a loud important voice, then in Minnesota. Some people today still say that Minnesota is conservative. In manner only maybe, in heart Minnesotans give liberally. We had the best of both worlds right under our nose. The average worker from all levels, has taken quite a beating over the past several years. It is evident in the faces and voices, the bank accounts, the evictions and the foreclosures.

10/2/05 sent to Democratic and Republican Party, The White House, Senator Clinton and Governor Blanco. Small as it is, I just wanted to add a voice of concern and observation to my neighbors in the south.

I am not affiliated with any political party, not for years. I vote based on character of action in a candidate - for public related issues and a track record of proven citizen and commerce resolve. A change agent that doesn't discount the role of any one resident. Recently, I discovered that my municipality decided that any tax increase they impose on us (average workers - average neighborhoods) is considered an exclusive business matter, not to include the full participation of voters through a vote.

Governor Ventura was a shaker and mover for Minnesota. A major public official I voted for because he had the ability to keep the public eye on every movement of our state government. He did a very good job for Brooklyn Park, MN as Mayor. He made people sit up and notice, he got people talking about what mattered to them, what impassioned them as an individual and as a group.

I am slowly getting my baring back after completely unplugging from anything political in 2004. Now getting ready and beginning to watch for up and coming candidates in the 2006 state elections. Sadly being forced as a last resort to 'not vote in,' but to 'vote out' of office. I avoided doing this in 2004 by not going to the polls, it felt depressing and went against my nature to find a needle in a hay stack if no other options available. I couldn't do it. But now I will. The Minnesota State government shutdown and special session (at tax payer cost) struck a nerve and got me leaning forward.

Thus far, no party has yet to capture my undivided interest or attention. I watched the before and after Minnesota State shut down and special session, I see both the Democratic and Republican party(s) filled with elected people who just can't get their job done And watch out for the little people. People who were once considered the American backbone to a working economy. Newest disregard is the dissolve of the Davis Bacon Act.

For those that are trying to stay effectively connected to the public, are rocking the boat, are taking a stand, are including their citizen base in important decisions, I will then exercise my right to vote. I hope to find them by the time the next election comes up.

I have always been a proud contributor to my state tax system. That was because, I knew where it was going. For the last several years money has been shifted away from designated points that public efforts through public support created, but then is deposited in a general fund for something else. My state was a place that planned well ahead, created safetynets and cared about all residents and their quality of life. Always lent a hand to help up, using basic elements of compassion, common sense and courtesy to restore purpose of dignity and respect.

It is the people on the hill that I am concerned about, as a tax payer and a humanitarian. We the tax payers are also the consumers and I want to know that people, average gulf coast citizens, can rebuild their lives by getting a fair and honest shake from Congress, not a shake down. I apologize for the harsh tone of my letter, but I can't seem to find the right words not fueled by heartache, frustration, confusion and dismay. Thank you for any time taken and consideration given to anything I have shared.


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