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Sunday, December 25, 2005

EVACUEES, I Will Welcome You to Minnesota...

When FEMA cancels funding in February, for thousands of Hurricane Katrina evacuees, the tired and lost souls of the worst catastrophe in our nation will be forced to choose another state to live in. If hundreds or thousands of people come to Minnesota, I know it will be hard at first. The winter in February carries a bone chilling cold and things freeze within minutes when exposed to the below freezing temperatures. More people than not, are by far very nice, kind hearted and like to chat. When you come to Minnesota I know there will be many of us who feel your pain and loss, we will open our arms and hearts for you and yours.

We may have lost and have reduced some of the most impressive social programs in the country, those programs - safetynets, were developed out of humane and intelligent efforts. Don't worry though, we still have one of the best interwoven human service foundations anywhere, with many, many services, programs, agencies and organizations that can help you build back your life. All of these services and programs are our tax dollars at work, which will become your tax dollars at work.

When you are strong enough, when your mind and body have healed from that devastating, tragic and horrific experience, you will be ready to go home, if you want to. If you stay in Minnesota, you will become an important voice, a source of added power, if you so wish, of humanities need to do better for human kind, recognize disparities, address those issues in a timely manner and engage all existing efforts effectively. Here in Minnesota, we have the advocates, the activists and the protesters that champion human rights, civil rights, workers rights and value family, alternative family and extended family.

I will be honored if you, your family and your new found friends decide to navigate to Minnesota. The welcome mat will be out for all of the thousands looking for a warm place to lay your head, to work, to raise your families and to become part of our community. When you come to Minnesota, Spring will be just around the corner.


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