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Tuesday, December 20, 2005


FEMA mailed out another batch of letters to families recently. Telling them that they would receive 1 year rental assistance, whatever that really means. But, what if the landlord won't extend that original 6 month lease? That would mean families bagging up their meager belongings and heading out again. By the way - the landlord wouldn't approve another 6 month lease and the family will be pushed out into the unknown again!

9/2/2005 The first of many, many letters sent out to public officials, agencies, foundations, organizations, print media, news media and any place, person or thing. The earth shattering alarm at the lack of effective action, decisive movement and humane progress, while witnessing each and every devastated person on television. My sister spent 1 1/2 months looking for her husbands entire family of over 40 people from New Orleans, it was as though they had just disappeared off the face of the earth. More stories about that later...

9/1/2005 EMAIL to FEMA...
cnn reports that you are 'too far away' from the people.
for gods sake, don't make these poor souls try to fight their way to your stations. please find a way to increase your ability to help these people. i am horrified by the overall lack of real 'critical thinking' leadership in this beyond catastrophic emergency of the masses. you were there for the fargo, mn people. i truly hope your presence grows to many, for the sake of the people. ~END~


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