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Monday, December 19, 2005

A Letter Written 12/10/05 and Sent....

To Whom It May Concern:
I have knowledge about a family's story of 40 people - 4 generations, that have been exiled to Texas before and in the aftermath of hurricane katrina. The most recent heartbreaking news is about a man in his 40's, who suffered two broken legs while on a construction job site in New Orleans. This man was the first to go back to New Orleans to inspect all family members homes and report back his findings.

He went to work 16 hours a day in New Orleans to generate money to send back to exiled family in Houston. He and 9 others family squeezed into a small 3 bedroom apartment in Texas and all other family crammed into similar living situations, trying desperately to stay as close together as possible. Sadly The man suffered two broken legs several weeks ago - 6 total, on the job site. He was sent back to his exiled family in Texas to await medical treatment for his legs, both broken. His wife tried and tried to get immediate medical treatment, but was continuously told that necessary paperwork was lost, over and over. For 6 weeks, this man lay housebound in Texas, in pain with two broken legs. This man had three jobs before the catastrophe and a home like the other 4 generations of family.

He was an important wage earner for the family and had an important role in this very large family. On Friday, I was told, he finally received surgery for both broken legs, which had to be re-broken because the bones were growing back wrong after 6 weeks without medical treatment. He is home as of Saturday 12/10 from the hospital. The long term implications are not known as to how well this man will heal because he was made to wait 6 weeks for medical care for his legs. The family is extremely worried and very stressed. Other family members were made to move farther away to other cities, while the family that was able to stay in the Houston area are attempting to take up the responsibility of one lost working family member.

It is inconceivable to me that anyone be made to wait for medical treatment for any need, especially one so obviously critical as two broken legs. They pay taxes, work very hard, did their civic duty, followed the rules, quietly and proudly did their part in society. They are citizens of the United States and they survived the worst catastrophe we have ever witnessed. They and the rest of the family of 40 people lost everything, their homes, their jobs, their friends and neighbors and so much more. Please call Mayor Nagin of New Orleans office, or Senator Landrieu or Senator Clintons office to retrieve the information. Thank you for any thought given as to what can be done to help this family of 40 - 4 generations gain strength once again.


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