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Monday, January 02, 2006

The Next Shift of the South...

1/2/2006 Newest Letter Sent Out.....
Dear Editor & Others:
I wrote a letter to the Mayor of New Orleans in October. The heart of the message was not just for the Mayor and the people of New Orleans, that message which holds a strong belief in what a public servant truly is. I have written several letters in my life, to my own states public service officials for local matters. I have sent letters about my brother in-laws family to my state senators and legislators. One of the elected officials recently had his office call my home and left a message suggesting other areas better suited to send my letters. My United States Senator doesn't want me to send letters to him about the people of the gulfcoast tragedy? I didn't want the evacuees, the exiled and the survivors to be forgotten and felt that a letter with real people would help illustrate a real family, to help with their (public officials) decisions in the matter of the peoples business, in the peoples house.

Funny though, I received a ton more replies along with a few letters from my elected officials, when I aired my concern over the Vikings Stadium tax subsidy in my county. My United States Senator didn't want to talk about that one either. Not one reply from any elected officials, except for the MN Senator who wants me to go away, regarding the family of my brother In-law from New Orleans. The blog, is dedicated to this family from New Orleans and families like them through out the gulfcoast, who have lost everything. I can't think of any rational reason that the levees weren't made safer, other than power and greed. When the funding was taken - hoarded away (how many times?) at the federal level, I wonder how many public officials just sat on their hands with crossed fingers, holding their breath, as the hurricane came rolling in.

For the gulfcoast hundreds of thousands still living in limbo, in tents, in cars, in motels and eventually those that will lose their 6 month crowded family housing leases ~ February and March, 'All' states will need to prepare for another major shift when those souls are forced to move again. Deep down, I have prayed that all of the people could go home to their roots, but reality now predicts survival, life and roots elsewhere.

The longer it takes to get the barest of basic stable needs in place, in this day and age, the smaller the light at the end of the tunnel. If there is a miracle, they need it now. If every state and city isn't preparing to welcome, provide for, and help people jump start their life, they should be. I truly, truly hope my state of Minnesota is. I think the public officials of Minnesota and all of the states newspapers now know the story of my brother in-laws family of over 40, pretty well by now.

In the mean time families, the citizens in exile from the city and in the city of New Orleans, have to rebuild from scratch with a little funding here and there. Something just isn't right with this picture. Maybe I am way off base about something as serious as the next exodus from the gulfcoast. Thank you.


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