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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Dear Mr. President & First Lady...

January 6, 2006 Sent message and letter to our first family...

Dear President Bush and Mrs Bush,
I am still writing any and everyone I can think of, so they don't forget about this family, a family like the other hundreds of thousands of exiled families. Please remember the families.
Thank you.

The family in question, all 50 plus people, are exiled to Texas. They want to go home to New Orleans, but cannot. Their entire history, four generations, is New Orleans.
Although I have been writing many letters to many places about the family, protecting their anonymity when writing media and my local public officials, except for the Mayor of New Orleans, Senator Landrieu and Senator Clinton who do have their details, the story has been carefully shared. There has to be something else out there to help this family back to their home. There homes very badly damaged or gone, separated for the first time, all bunched up in apartments scattered around Texas. FEMA rental assistance recently received but denied an extension on leased apartments by landlords.
A person with two broken legs, denied medical treatment for 6 weeks because the paperwork mysteriously couldn't be found many times over. Confined to the small apartment filled with 10 people, later to have his legs re-broken from surgey.
Family members desperately working to help the entire family, minus one very hardworking man, as he has two broken legs. A matriarch, her home gone, the central station where all family gathered every Sunday after church. She survived the floods and the Superdome. A very loving and hard working family, their contributions to their city, their community, their children -- washed away with the floods when the levees collapsed. They are not rich, but they served their life to local and global commerce and our nations government in making others wealthy. Only eyeing what they needed to be happy productive citizens of this United States.
This exiled family of 50 plus people, four generations, as do all other survivors, deserve better treatment than they are receiving from those that took. The takers of local, state and federal earnings tax, social security, property tax, and any other tax they were subject to pay.
No entity can ever replace their great loss, no entity can ever give back what was taken and no entity can walk in their foot prints, except for the other hundreds of thousands of exiles, who served too.
Living now for this family, is a breath at a time, a half step, frozen memories and a weary whispering voice. They deserve better, they deserve to be together and they deserve to go home...the entire family.
Thank you for any thought or ideas for this family, my bother In-laws family, from New Orleans.


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