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Friday, January 13, 2006


The NIMBY ailment that some citizens in the South, have been stricken with, has one good cure. Move those with the disease to the North, so that the well citizens can re-plant and cultivated their roots on the South. The un-well will receive a healthy dose of civic and social remedies. When they are well and the ailment leached from their minds, this may allow the conscience to thrive and the soul to experience things they may have never imagined. There by, affording everyone a sound quality of life in the gulf coast and in New Orleans.

My brother In-law had a really terrible time adjusting to the North after he moved from the South. Not because he had the Nimby ailment, but because he had been exposed to it all his life. He said it made him feel unsettled when people in the north didn't behave like the ones in south. He said that the NIMBY person, racked with NIMBY fever, would blurt out in delirium anything that was on their mind. Usually, that would be something racially motivated.

My brother In-law was so used to being told that he wasn't liked because of his skin color, that he just assumed that it was like that everywhere. When he moved to Iowa, he waited to be told to his face - the same things he grew up with. When it didn't happen, when he felt someone didn't like him for the way he looked, he felt more affected by it. Why didn't people say what they meant, instead of being so nice about it? Or, why did people slyly avoid him and pretend he wasn't there?
Being from the west coast, I could not fathom being called racial names to my face.
And if anyone ever did, I would be devastated. I'd rather have someone lie to my face and pretend they like me, being polite and going through the motions of civility. Then what ever they really thought of me as a person of color, I would never know and I'd be content with that. In Europe, people only cared whether I was an American and I liked that even more.

My brother In-law and I used to debated everything in the world, two opposing views at all cross roads, yet we had deep respect for one another as human beings, all here under one creator. My sister would get so tired from our long debates, that she would leave us to our words and go off to do other things. I miss him, my debate buddy. He died from cancer a few years ago. We can learn from one another, if we want to. I learned a world of differences through my brother In-laws eyes and his life.


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