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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Fire Ant Farm Hill...

When I wrote to Senator Kennedy the other day, It was out of an element of frustration. Beating a dead horse to a bloody pulp, over something that wasn't going to magically add life to a party agenda initiative, made me grimace. The rest of the lefty POD Senate panel were not enough to blow life giving hot air into that poor dead horse, either. The righty POD Senate, well, all I can say is "EGADS!"

Every time C-SPAN shows a hearing of any kind, I am more inclined to peek in on how our elected officials are conducting themselves. Are they using their elected positions to do the peoples bidding? Are they educating the people, through each item
presented? Are they impassioned, soap boxing, intense and deliberative - in their attempt to sway opposition of any kind? That's what I always hope for, when they are on the floor of the senate. When Senators take a seat on a panel, I expect something a bit different. Decorum, yet savvy. Polite, yet tenacious. Intelligent, yet commonsensible, independent, yet communal. And equally important; consistory, yet truthful.

C-SPAN has censored some of - possibly the best - public servant interactions this country should've witnessed. Senator Clinton being brought to the heights of a floor battle when fighting for a Hurricane Katrina relief bill and the Senator from Ohio, who caused a stampede on the senate floor. The hearings, however, show that it is seemingly difficult for elected officials to discern which manner of style they should use and where they should use it. Instead, we get an odd string of hearings that persecute survivors from New Orleans and soft pat big business. As with the Supreme Court confirmation hearings, it was worse than all the ratty reality shows put together on network TV. How embarrassing for every Senator who sat on that panel.

1/13/2006 - Letter
Dear Senator Kennedy,
I have watched some of the Supreme Court Justice confirmation hearings. Haven't been impressed too much with the activity and was disappointed that the nominee didn't seem to have any real concrete opinions as to how he would approach any case. Not an opinion on how he would rule, but where was the substance to his answers. Since the panel of senators decided to eat up most the time with talk, also no substance, I am left with one alarming impression about the nominee. That is his membership into an exclusive club from his college days.

I try to find balance in those that may appear to hold views that do not support equality. I cannot find that balance if the questions are not answered. Or, maybe this televised hearing is not for the benefit of the public either? Similar to the CEO oil hearings, in that there was a lot of noise, but nothing of value said.

I am not in favor of a Supreme Court Justice being nominated solely because a party wishes it. Nor, does the lack of age, lack of wisdom through age and infancy in life experience speak well for the highest most senior court in our nation. Since these qualities of the nominee are absent, I can only assume that this arm of our government will fall into eventual decay, too. Thank you.
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