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Thursday, January 19, 2006

First Woman to Run for President

Women in History. Victoria Woodhull biography. Last Updated: 1/25/2008. Lakewood Public Library.

QUOTE: "The truth is that I am too many years ahead of this age and the exalted views and objects of humanitarianism can scarcely be grasped as yet by the unenlightened mind of the average man." -- Victoria Woodhull, to a reporter after losing the 1892 election."

Link to Women in History & read about Victoria Woodhull "More than 130 years later, no woman has made it to the White House. No person of color has made it to the Vice Presidency. Women are still largely accountable to a different standard than men. Money is still a major obstacle for candidates. The private lives of public figures are still an issue. And, while women have made it to various public offices, they are still judged more on personal issues and looks than men."

added february 16, 2008
HerStory - Victoria Woodhull from brightcove "Victoria Woodhull was a nineteenth-century feminist who was the first woman stockbroker on Wall Street; the first woman to produce her own newspaper; and the first woman to run for President of the United States." April 24, 2007
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