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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Perfect Message was Food for the Soul...

I just wanted to send out my opinion about the message sent out to the exiled masses. My brother In-laws family heard the message all the way in Texas. This message told them that they are important and that they are cared for, in words meant for all the thousands of generational families separated from their beloved New Orleans. We can all go back and find public servant speeches across the decades that offended somebody, somewhere. But we cannot go back to find speeches that 'fit' what the catastrophic aftermath has done to an entire region of people. This Mayor, like no other Mayor, needed to send out a message to the people -- who needed to hear him from the heart. To the people who were life long citizens, to a people who were the majority and to a people who yearn to return back home. If the rest of us didn't understand, were surprised or angered, it is only because we are not those thousands upon thousands of families trapped in an exile of doubt, despair and longing.


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