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Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Offshoring's Real Damage Left Coasters Steve Soto Wednesday June 27, 2007 "There already is a bipartisan concern that offshoring companies are abusing the L visa process to dump American workers and then replace them by importing cheaper replacements into the states from India. India has the gall to tell Dick Durbin and Chuck Grassley that they can’t mess with them through immigration legislation, and that only the WTO and Bush’s trade agreements cover them."

Friday, May 26, 2006 Capital Hill Fury Goes To Immigration, Not To the Gulf Coast
"On a side note: I wonder if American companies get to count the number of jobs they create as an employment statistic, when they outsource those numbers of jobs to another country? And I wonder how many temporary and part time jobs without benefits, are included in the 'new jobs created' report?" by awakening
POD Alert for Old Agenda ~ New Reasons... 1/7/06 and 2/3/06 and 2/22/06 and 3/26/06

One man is not the sole heir to the undoing of a nation Cheney's chief of staff rebukes Kerry on VP's secrecy oversight.........
One man is not the sole heir to the undoing of a takes many hands to do what has been done. Many hands.....without faces, without morals, without conscience, without a care for a nation in pain.
Right Here, Right Now....September 28, 2006
I asked a very politically knowledgeable person, "How long do think it will be, before we are too weak to fight back?" The person said, "One more generation."

I heard them vow, "I'm going to Canada."

A woman said, "Hell no, I'm not going backwards."

A man said, "I'm not going to use a separate water fountain.

A man is afraid to say, "He's the love of my life."

A very ill elderly woman whispers, "Please help me, I'm in pain."

A child shares, "My daddy is still in jail."

A teenager is told, "You have no choices."

An Atheist is not allowed.....

An employee becomes an indentured slave......

..... silent obedience to awakening

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