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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Yearning For An Old American Tradition...


For AOL users go to Mozilla Firefox to read Lunacy...All Agree That This Administration Embodies It Sunday, June 24, 2007 for some reason I can't get my page to update for my new post this morning......

I believe we all own the Iraq Occupation. We have been paying for it through willful greedy acts of public officials gutting our national, state and local coffers......we have been suffering and sacrificing. I have a memory.....a long one.....

Presidential or Senate candidates who say that 'we' aren't sacrificing enough are crossed off my list because they live inside the political bubble. They don't seem to have a clue as to 'how' we have been sacrificing. How am I to expect a wise and worthy President of the United States to be? Certainly who I vote for, they will have to have full knowledge about what makes America tick....not just knowing it, but having lived some of it.

I thought I knew who I was going to vote for, but I've changed my mind...I'm going to sit on the fence for a while and watch the parade march by. It dawned on me yesterday when I got caught in the late afternoon traffic on Snelling Avenue, that I am still waiting for the rest of the parade. The fair ground area was packed with old classic cars getting ready for the 50s car show.

People, residence lined up and down Snelling Avenue lounging while waiting for a parade of old classic cars. It really hit a spot in my heart. This is what America is about, people coming together for one purpose, to be a part of something that makes them happy. While I inched along I saw everybody...Seniors in their comfy lawn chairs, little kids crossed legged on the ground and a Mother, her baby and family sitting in this cute little gazebo near a park path.

A growing crowd of people waiting for something that makes them happy. That is what I am waiting for with the presidential race, something about that person that makes me happy to be voting for them...something that sparks an 'old' feeling of exciting satisfaction. Something inside me that says "Hey, that person cares about the same thing I care about, without one doubt, that person truly cares about what I care about. And what I care about is larger than me alone. If I can find that person among the parade of the old American tradition of voting, than I'll feel happy, I'll feel hope for our country's future again.

Third Party Make My Day...Time To Spoil the Complacency of the 110th Congress By Awakening Saturday, June 23, 2007 "So, Mr. Bill Press hang in there a little longer, don't burst a vessel. You can find that "Voice of Reason" where Third Party's are concerned. Don't get distracted. We are not the axis of evil. We are not the enemy. Please welcome us with open arms, please consider us as Helping to get our democracy back, please see us as helping you. please don't hate us."

"When and if I do not feel this boat load of shame about all of the horribly criminal tactics implemented by the leaders in our government, that will be the day that maybe, just maybe....lunacy has left Washington, DC. Some say that the war, which was an 'Invasion' and is really an -- OCCUPATION -- is George Bush's war....they are wrong. If we feel the shame and guilt, the heartache of what has happened and what is happening still, than we can't help but feel responsible for these war crime years. Any politician who uses that language "George Bush's War" should stop saying that. It isn't true."

Left Coaster's Parodox Says....Shadow Box "That’s why there are zero Senate investigations on Bush, why Waxman is glacially slow, why Anonymous Liberal thinks subpoenas will never work, why Democrats gave up on the war after only one round and why that wmd report was released on a @&% #*$@ Friday afternoon: this is the shadow-box, this is the fake dance of denial for the next 18 months to wait Bush out until there’s another chance with a new President." Saturday Jun 23, 2007

More Craven Than Karl James Moore BIO 94 Comments Posted April 1, 2007 "Perhaps, if Dowd and other Republicans supporting Bush's war had thought about the children of other families as much as they do their own, we might not be in Iraq." And "A person does not get to set the world on fire and then drop their flamethrower and say, "I'm sorry."

In Minnesota Truth Surfer Says.....
Pawlenty of Ambition Friday, June 22, 2007 "Gov. Pawlenty is using his time stomping for republican presidential candidate John McCain rather than working on resolving issues resulting from his vetoes…What's more important his national ambitions or Minnesotans? Which one was he barely elected to office to fulfil?"

Left Is Right Says "Bush Claims Exemption From His Oversight Order" "Looks like bu$h has joined "the Dick"! "Does this mean the Dictatorship has officially begun? Yet again on another late Friday evening White House statement release?" June 23, 2007

MS. SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON Shirley Smith: The Bush GOP Administration Should Get a Zero -- Period! submitted by BuzzFlash on Thu, 06/21/2007 Shirley Smith "Americans will have no power over their own lives if this insanity is not stopped, instead of tolerated as if it's not important."

News From The Underground
Convenient "snafu" helps Texas GOP
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Last week Karl Rove was interviewed by Robert Siegel on NPR Radio. Siegel asked him about the polls and how virtually every one shows the Democrats taking over Congress on November 7th.

Rove's response was to become agitated. He said Siegel was only looking at the national polls, and not the individual polls, and got angry when Siegel explained he was in fact looking at the same polls Rove was.

Then Rove gets more aggravated and says "you're entitled to your math, I'm entitled to THE math."Rove's statement about "THE" math has sparked a lot of speculation that he knows something that we don't.

Shredding with Dick By Nicole Belle News From Underground on Tuesday, October 31st, 2006
Okay, this CAN'T be good...Wonkette: Spotted on 10/19, by an eagle-eyed Wonkette reader: The Mid-Atlantic Shredding Services truck making its way up to the Cheney compound at the Naval Observatory.

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