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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Third Party Make My Day...Time To Spoil the Complacency of the 110th Congress


I did not vote for.....Complacency
1 : self-satisfaction especially when accompanied by unawareness of actual dangers or deficiencies

I swear that Bill Press makes things up to get people hyped and gets the 'Independent' in me blazing. Otherwise I can only think his blind allegiance in the TWO party system is his ideal one size fits all dream for every citizen. Nothing like thinking in simple Black and white. I do listen to his show in the morning on the way to work, but sometimes I wished AM950 would bring Rachel Maddow back in the mornings.

And sometimes I just can't stomach a too Left or a too Right rambling, I have to shake my head, sigh and turn the television or radio off. Although I do find it very important to hear what is being said, even if I don't agree. When someone smacks words that implicate actions to Deny, Suppress or Alienate, I instantly become alerted.

Bill has come off with a few rigid opinions that I was tempted to post about, but yesterday I decided it was time. Bill said that a third party is a spoiler for the Democratic Party, laying the blame solely at the feet of the third party for having Bush in office. He then went on to say that Ralph Nader was the spoiler candidate, that no one found Nader significant...Huh?

In one breath he states Nader was a spoiler for Gore and in another breath Nader was not important enough to acknowledge. Bill Press are you sliding into the abyss of the Fanatic? What the heck were you trying to do yesterday morning? I know that the Democratic Party has been severely critical of third party's, seems like forever. I know people that voted for Nader, part of that 19% you were talking about. But do you really believe that it 'Was' Nader's fault?

If you are paying attention to the crisis surrounding years of election / voter problems that are finally emerging into the MSM (still yet not enough, Bloggers do better) and the culture of corruption and greed in Congress -- both (D) and (R) who are in bed with the Corporate Lobbyists, in the Raptured War Mongering GOP Administration with a nationally embedded Fanatic classist GOP system, spread through out this land of yours, mine and ours. After all this time, you are going to blame Ralph Nader? After all of this time you are going to use the old and tired Bla - Bla Bad, Evil, Wicked Third Party Spoiler rhetoric?

Third Party: Yes; Bloomberg: No by Steve Soto Friday Jun 22, 2007 "For those of us who think the country could benefit from a Third political party, it appears that a large number of Americans agree with you."

Bill, Your statement borders on lunacy. Which I am sorry to say because you are seemingly logical, sincerely passionate, smarter and much wiser than I'll ever be, most days, not all. Maybe you are feeling the slip and slide of the Democratic Party because people are absolutely fed up. Or, you say these irrational things because it is part of your format and is meant to get some of us to call in. Don't beat up Ralph Nader and please get your head out of the the Congress of Ostriches...

Bloomberg is not what I would call a real Independent. I heard him talk and he is already set to let the Bush Administration off the hook, completely. He still represents the face of the status quo....I don't want anymore status quo...I am exhausted by the status quo and the status quo seems to be looking out for their status quo brothers and sisters that look and live just like them, at every interval. I will most definitely cast my vote for someone NOT the status quo.

Potential leaders who are balanced Peacemakers and Life Embraceor with the lived wisdom of 'Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk' are still yet to step out on the Presidential Candidacy stage. The world, our world is full of differences and our next leader needs to be different, very different from years of what we have been handed altogether. Healing, mending and re-growing democracy at home, can only serve to salvage the tiny shreds of citizen dignity still intact and restore the trust lost from such 'shameful' acts perpetrated here at home and abroad.

When and if I do not feel this boat load of shame about all of the horribly criminal tactics implemented by the leaders in our government, that will be the day that maybe, just maybe....lunacy has left Washington, DC. Some say that the war, which was an 'Invasion' is really an -- OCCUPATION -- is George Bush's war....they are wrong. If we feel the shame and guilt, the heartache of what has happened and what is happening still, than we can't help but feel responsible for these war crime years. Any politician who uses that language "George Bush's War" should stop saying that. It isn't true.

He And his fanatic following may have started it. But other leaders let it go on for how many years now?

So, Mr. Bill Press hang in there a little longer, don't burst a vessel. You can find that "Voice of Reason" where Third Party's are concerned. Don't get distracted. We are not the axis of evil. We are not the enemy. Please welcome us with open arms, please consider us as helping get our democracy back, please see us as helping you. please don't hate us.

If there is to be a real "Independent" we will learn how they, as a candidate, will bring people together And how they intend to 'SPOIL' the culture of Corruption and Complacency that will still be in Washington when elected as President of the United States. Viva La Independent!



The Real Facts Behind the Gaza Hamas Uprising posted 06-22-07 from the The Age: Exposing the bitter truth of Gaza carnage....."In Gaza, meanwhile, Hamas says it was Mr Abbas who caused the conflict by refusing to give up control of the security forces after Hamas won parliamentary elections last year"


"Abolishing the insurance industry putting a tight regulatory collar on pharmaceutical companies and embracing a Canadian-style government-run system."
'Sicko' leaves top Democrats ill at ease Leading candidates are sidestepping direct comment on filmmaker Michael Moore's proposals for universal healthcare. By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar, LA Times Staff Writer June 22, 2007
Note: Personal experience with a family member who was referred to a Senator's office for help with a major health care need, after exhausting all avenues...repeatedly. The Senators staff were nice enough, had the exact same resources, but they were lacking in an alternative approach when talking to the individual, making them regret the contact. How can the politicians talk about health care if they don't have the means to help people access 'In the mean time" help? What, leave millions and millions of people just hanging in limbo, every day until they succumb to their illness, condition and / or disease? That Is Not The Answer Congress. Teach your staff to talk with the average mainstream citizen. Make a call. Do a better job. The citizens are still paying your salary.

RNC Going Under The Radar "I feel bad for the real (R), the true conservative.....the party needs your full time attention, in order to salvage any remnant of practical honest decency that may be left." And...."Is there a third party on the rise? Is there an 2008 Independent candidacy on the horizon?" June 2, 2007


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