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Saturday, June 16, 2007

What Will Minnesota Become After Being a Leader?

Is the Republican Playbook" destroying Democracy? The Thom Hartmann Program - June 12th by Louise Hartmann on June 12, 2007 Today's Show "The Republican plans for 100-year reign is a threat to our democratic republic. However, just as in the Nixon years (the closest parallel to our current situation) the people and Congress (finally!) are starting to push back. It will take a continued struggle against the Republican assaults on the voting rights of Americans and setting the Justice Department back on the proper track, but the first steps have been taken by shining the light into the dark quarters of the Bush Administration. We need to organize and speak even more forcefully in 2008. Hope lives!" Submitted by Jeff Dahl on June 12, 2007

AfterDowningStreet -- The “Cloud” over Dick Cheney Just Got Darker! Posted By War Is Hell Monday, June 18, 2007 “It is an extraordinary subversion of the [U.S.] Constitution to send people to die...on the basis of a lie.” - Elizabeth Holtzman

Impeach 07

Dept of Irony: Norm Coleman needs DFL Mayors help to win reelection MNBlue Submitted by The Big E on June 16, 2007 "Direct from the Norm Coleman Weasel Meter's Dept of Ironies Dept, Sen. Norm Coleman (R-MN) needs help from the DFL Mayors of Minneapolis, RT Rybak, and Saint Paul, Chris Coleman (hereafter referred to as Coleman The Good), to fundraise for the 2008 Republican National Convention."

I Was Robbed! (Well I think so anyway). Washington Post Reports on Ron Paul Internet Popularity .COMMON SENSE posted 06-16-07 "Neocon money will take care of public opinion shaping and Congressional manipulation when they want something."

Group Calls on Minneapolis to Pass Impeachment Resolution by Andy Birkey Minnesota Monitor Thu Jun 14, 2007

Pawlenty of Vetos Hurts Minnesotans Truth SurferFriday, June 08, 2007 "Surely Pawlenty now has the honor of being the most irresponsible governor in Minnesota’s history. Why does he hate Minnesotan's so much?"

Bush's words of wisdom by Mary Saturday The Left Coaster Jun 16, 2007

Why Karl Rove Cared Monday, May 14, 2007 Special to By Dan Froomkin "Vote-counting Rove has long been obsessed by voter fraud, either because (according to him) it threatens the integrity of the elections process or because (according to his critics) it gives Republicans an excuse to pursue measures that suppress poor and minority turnout. They also disagree on whether fraud is widespread (Rove) or rare (his critics)."

Maybe all roads really do lead back to Rove By Steve Benen on Monday, May 14th, 2007 Crooks and Liars

Grassroots Nonpartisan Efforts to
Impeach Bush & Cheney
Impeach for Peace Minneapolis Citizens: Help us Impeach Bush, City Council Posted in IfP Events, Impeachment Progress News, Minnesota on June 15th, 2007 by Jodin Morey

Impeach 07
Legislative Tracking Database Welcome to the National Conference of State Legislature's online tracking database

Progressive Thinking Combined with logic and Substance....What Mattered In Minnesota is what mattered to All people, not just to a select few....far reaching and Good for all Minnesotans.....

National Conference of State Legislatures If you have suggestions for a new Question of the Month, contact Joel Alter, Minnesota Office of the Legislative Auditor (651-296-8313). Responses to previous Questions of the Month can be viewed in the Previous Questions Archive.

Impeach 07

Minnesota Senate Offices
Senate Counsel, Research and Fiscal Analysis
75 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Room G-17 St. Paul, MN 55155-1606
Phone: 651.296.4791

S.F. No. 615 - Financial Crimes Oversight Council Author: Senator Mee Moua
Prepared by: Kathleen Pontius, Senate Counsel (651/296-4394) Date: March 12, 2007

This bill expands the duties of the Financial Crimes Oversight Council to require an annual report to the Legislature. Minimum requirements for the report are specified, which would include:

(1) description of the council's and task force's goals;

(2) description of outcomes achieved or not achieved and outcomes they will seek to achieve during the coming year;

(3) legislative recommendations, including, where necessary, a description of legislation needed to implement the recommendations;

(4) detailed accounting of how money, grants, and in-kind contributions were spent; and

(5) detailed accounting of grants awarded.

A copy of the statute creating the council is attached.

Pawlenty Veto Could Mean Higher Property Taxes by Jeff Fecke Minnesota Monitor Thu May 31, 2007 "Gov. Tim Pawlenty vetoed a tax bill Wednesday night over language that would have required the state to take inflation into account when preparing a budget, as it had before 2002."

Bill Summaries 2007-2008 Biennium, Eighty-Fifth Legislature

Each legislative session, the legal and research staff of Senate Counsel, Research and Fiscal Analysis Office creates summaries for selected bills. Bill summaries are listed on this page.
When bills are passed by both bodies and signed by the governor, summaries may be created for selected acts. View Act Summaries.

For background information on the bills process, see Frequently Asked Questions About the Minnesota Legislature, results from a search on Bill Summaries. To find Bill summaries for another year, select the desired year from the pull down menu.

Bill Number Title

S.F. 2 Health Care (Second Engrossment)
S.F. 4 Renewable Energy - delete-everything amendment (SCS0004A-15)
S.F. 6 As Passed by the Senate - Sales Tax Receipts Dedication for Natural and Cultural Resource Purposes
S.F. 11 Budget Reform
S.F. 14 Constitutional Amendment (First Engrossment)
S.F. 15 Children's Health Security Act (Delete-Everything Amendment - A7)
S.F. 16 Seat Belt Violation as a Primary Offense (Second Engrossment)
S.F. 25 Reinstating Inflation into the Budget Forecast
S.F. 33 Income Tax Subtraction for Military Pensions
S.F. 34 Modifying Group Residential Housing Rates
S.F. 36 Emergency Medical Services
S.F. 38 Great Lakes Compact
S.F. 43 Budget Reform
S.F. 46 Continuing Appropriations
S.F. 58 Increasing Duluth's Local Sales Tax on Food and Beverages
S.F. 60 Duluth Trust and Investment Accounts (The First Engrossment)
S.F. 68 Sales Tax Exemption for Public Safety Radio Equipment
S.F. 69 Gift Cards
S.F. 74 Renewable Energy Objective
S.F. 76 Dairy Operations Income Tax Credit
S.F. 81 Elected Metropolitan Council
S.F. 92 State Advisory Board on School Readiness, The First Engrossment
S.F. 95 Exempting Towns, Cities, and Counties from Sales Tax
S.F. 98 City of Winsted Bonding Authority
S.F. 99 Mentoring Children of Incarcerated Parents
S.F. 102 Universal Health Care
S.F. 108 Designating Walter F. Mondale Drive in
S.F. 109 City of Taylors Falls Border City Development Zone
S.F. 122 Extending Requirement For Use of Child Passenger Restraints in Motor Vehicles
S.F. 123 Political Contributions
S.F. 124 County Commissioner Vacancies
S.F. 128 Vehicle Protection Act (second engrossment)
S.F. 129 Renewable Energy Objective Amendments
S.F. 140 Restroom Access Act
S.F. 143 Payment of Nursing Facility PERA Costs
S.F. 144 Winona County
S.F. 145 C-BED and Global Climate Change; Greenhouse
S.F. 148 Mental Health Provisions (First Engrossment)
S.F. 154 MFIP Modifications (First Engrossment)
S.F. 155 Prohibiting Local Administrative Penalties For Traffic Violations
S.F. 160 Military Pay and Pension Subtractions
S.F. 162 Telephone Call Centers
S.F. 165 Greater Minnesota Business Development Investment Fund
S.F. 167 Unemployment Compensation Omnibus Bill
S.F. 170 Deferment of Special Assessments
S.F. 177 Crime Victims
S.F. 178 Nursing Facility Rate Increase for Four Counties
S.F. 179 Income Tax Credit for Transit Passes
S.F. 181 Personal Jurisdiction
S.F. 184 Pregnancy Prevention (as amended by the Division Report)
S.F. 189 Feasibility Study And Report Concerning Rail Transit in I-394 Corridor (Delete-Everything Amendment A-3)
S.F. 190 Dedication of Sales Tax on Vehicle Leases to Transportation and Transit
S.F. 191 Town of Scambler Aggregate Materials Tax
S.F. 192 Global Warming Mitigation Act of 2007
S.F. 196 Establishing a Reverse Mortgage Incentive Program (The First Engrossment)
S.F. 208 Absentee Ballot
S.F. 209 Minnesota Biomedical Sciences Research Facilities Authority
S.F. 211 Early Voting
S.F. 212 Carbon Monoxide Alarm Requirement Exemption For Electric Single-Family Homes
S.F. 215 Juvenile Court Jurisdiction Over Truants
S.F. 218 Airport Zoning Regulations (first engrossment)
S.F. 225 Predatory Lending
S.F. 238 Elimination of Smoking in Public Places and Places of Employment - The Fourth Engrossment
S.F. 241 Credit Inquiries (second engrossment)
S.F. 245 Border City Enterprise Zone Allocation
S.F. 247 Doubling Fine For Moving Violation Committed While Operating Mobile Phone
S.F. 250 Chemical Dependency Allocations
S.F. 261 Nursing Facility Moratorium Exception Proposals and Property Cost Reimbursement
S.F. 265 Minnesota Biomedical Sciences Research Facilities Authority
S.F. 269 Mahnomen County Aid Payments
S.F. 276 School Employee Health Insurance Pool (Third Engrossment)
S.F. 277 Youth Intervention Programs
S.F. 279 Studies on Collateral Sanctions and Sealing of Arrest Records (First Engrossment)
S.F. 281 Nursing Facility Reimbursement
S.F. 286 Rate Increase for Low-Rate Nursing Facilities
S.F. 289 Mississippi River Parkway Commission
S.F. 294 Expanding Statutory Expungements (as amended
S.F. 298 Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Board Funding Increase
S.F. 300 Public Defender Modifications (First Engrossment)
S.F. 302 Miscellaneous DWI and Criminal Vehicular Operation Changes (2nd Engrossment)
S.F. 303 Municipal Boundary Adjustment Advisory Task Force
S.F. 308 Blighted Housing Rehabilitation Program (first engrossment)
S.F. 310 Use of Alcohol and THC by Pregnant Women
S.F. 312 MFIP Transitional Standard Increase
S.F. 321 Joint Powers Agreements
S.F. 322 Relating to Civil Commitments; Expanding Early Intervention Services (First Engrossment)
S.F. 334 Defibrillator Grants
S.F. 344 Ramsey County All Children Excel (ACE) Program
S.F. 345 Medical Use of Marijuana
S.F. 358 Post-Adoption Services for Genetic Siblings
S.F. 371 Expansion of Eligibility of The Chemical Dependency Treatment Fund
S.F. 372 Crime of Ticket Scalping
S.F. 377 Nursing Facility Planned Closure Rate Adjustment in Big Stone County
S.F. 380 School Board Elections
S.F. 382 School Health and Physical Education Requirements
S.F. 392 Town of Crane Lake Certificates of Indebtedness
S.F. 400 Recreational Vehicle Combinations Maximum Allowable Length
S.F. 406 Supplemental Education Appropriations
S.F. 408 Minnesota GI Bill Program - The Delete-Everything Amendment (SCS0408A-2)
S.F. 409 Termination of Contracts Entered Into by Military Personnel (The SCS0409A-1 Delete-Everything Amendment)
S.F. 414 Small Business Growth Acceleration Program
S.F. 417 Short-Term Offenders
S.F. 438 Modifying Restrictions on Vehicles Hauling Unfinished Forest Products (Second Engrossment)
S.F. 439 Employer Disclosure for Minnesota Health Care Programs
S.F. 440 Taxpayers' Transportation Accountability Act (Delete-Everything Amendment)
S.F. 442 Housing Solutions Act
S.F. 443 Scrap Metal Provisions (Second Engrossment)
S.F. 445 X-ray Equipment (First Engrossment)
S.F. 447 Imposing Petty Misdemeanor Penalty for Certain Hit-And-Run Offenses (SCS0447A-1 Amendment)
S.F. 454 Income Tax Subtraction for Military Compensation
S.F. 458 Disclaimers in Campaign Material
S.F. 461 Modifying Food Stamp Requirements (First Engrossment)
S.F. 463 Notary Public Fees
S.F. 469 Anoka County
S.F. 470 Special Paper Products Vehicle Permit (SCS0470A-1 Amendment)
S.F. 473 Centers for Independent Living (The Delete-Everything Amendment)
S.F. 479 Modifying Use of Federal Reimbursement at Veterans Homes
S.F. 480 2nd Engrossment - Cellulosic Energy Development
S.F. 482 Metropolitan Airports Commission
S.F. 483 Ten-Percent Requirement for Major Party Primary
S.F. 485 Statewide Health Plan Purchasing Pool Study
S.F. 490 Crow Wing County Group Residential Housing (First Engrossment)
S.F. 502 Reimbursement Modifications for Bethesda Rehabilitation Hospital
S.F. 511 Expedited Construction of Trunk Highway Projects
S.F. 512 Local Sales and Use Tax for the City of North Mankato
S.F. 515 Mental Health Certified Peer Specialists Program
S.F. 532 Chemical Use Assessments (First Engrossment)
S.F. 534 Crisis Nursery Grant Program
S.F. 536 County Fees For Background Studies and Licensing Inspections (First Engrossment)
S.F. 541 Motor Vehicle Sales Tax Allocation And Metro Area Sales Tax Imposition
S.F. 547 Scott County Library Board
S.F. 551 Defining Concrete Pump as Special Mobile Equipment
S.F. 559 Family Stabilization Services Program
S.F. 570 Medical Assistance Nonemergency Medical Transportation (The First Engrossment)
S.F. 577 Local Sales and Use Tax for the City of Emily
S.F. 586 Council on Indigenous Language - The First Engrossment
S.F. 588 Comprehensive Family Life & Sexuality Education Programs
S.F. 594 Adoption Assistance Program Modification
S.F. 596 Omnibus Data Practices Bill
S.F. 600 Changes to Trunk Highway System
S.F. 605 Gross Misdemeanor Penalty For Careless Driving Resulting in Death
S.F. 611 Tax Data
S.F. 612 Replacement of Minneapolis Facility for Persons with Developmental Disabilities
S.F. 615 Financial Crimes Oversight Council
S.F. 618 Regulating Practice of Plumbing
S.F. 619 Offender Reentry Pilot Project
S.F. 620 Strategic Initiative to Reduce Greenhouse Emissions From Motor Vehicles
S.F. 630 Income Tax Subtraction for AmeriCorps Awards
S.F. 635 Elimination of Certain Hospital Ratable Reductions (The Delete-Everything Amendment)
S.F. 639 Assistive Technology Study and Appropriations (The First Engrossment)
S.F. 647 School Bus Equipment And Pupil Transportation
S.F. 649 Clean Campaign Council
S.F. 654 World Languages
S.F. 655 Agricultural Fertilizer Research and Education Council (First Engrossment)
S.F. 665 ReadyReturn Program
S.F. 673 Group Residential Housing (Delete-Everything Amendment)
S.F. 679 Long-Term Care Provider Rate Increases
S.F. 685 Expanding the Effect of Inherent Authority Expungements
S.F. 686 Establishing a Family, Friend, and Neighborhood Grant Program
S.F. 692 Town of Crane Lake Certificates of Indebtedness
S.F. 696 Home Care Tax Credit (The Delete-Everything Amendment)
S.F. 697 Appropriation for Study of Business Plans for International Economic Development Zones
S.F. 706 Vending Machine Products Exemption
S.F. 714 Controlled Substance Prescription Electronic Reporting System (Second Engrossment)
S.F. 724 Utility Property Tax Class Rates
S.F. 726 Community-Based Health Care Program (first engrossment)
S.F. 727 Crime of Computer Theft
S.F. 735 Supportive Housing at the Hastings Veterans Home
S.F. 744 Rental Vehicle Insurance Coverage (SCS0744A-1 delete-everything amendment)
S.F. 752 Eliminating Certain Reserve Requirements
S.F. 754 Modifying Several Child Care Provisions
S.F. 758 Lobbying for Constitutional Amendments
S.F. 759 Region 10 Quality Assurance System
S.F. 761 Outdoor Sport Equipment Franchises
S.F. 769 Modifying Adult Foster Care Licensing Requirements (Delete-Everything Amendment SCS0769A-4)
S.F. 771 Inspection of Child Care Centers And Homes
S.F. 779 Alcohol Excise Tax And Chemical Dependency Treatment Services Expansion
S.F. 780 Adjusting Monetary Thresholds For Certain Property Offenses (First Engrossment)
S.F. 787 Career and College Counseling Pilot Program
S.F. 792 Limited Purpose Companies
S.F. 794 Real Property
S.F. 795 Guardians and Conservators (author's amendment)
S.F. 796 Online Learning Act Modifications
S.F. 800 Exemption on Low-Income Housing Building Materials
S.F. 801 Governor's Recommendations for State Government Budget Division Appropriations (First Engrossment)
S.F. 802 Mortuary Science (Delete Everything Amendment)
S.F. 804 Unemployment Compensation Benefits
S.F. 809 Predatory Lending (second engrossment)
S.F. 812 Squad Car Camera Technology Grants
S.F. 813 Replacement of Federal Funds to The Department of Public Safety
S.F. 814 Asian-American Juvenile Crime Prevention Grants
S.F. 823 Background Checks For Mentoring Services
S.F. 827 Sign Language Interpreter Services (third engrossment)
S.F. 828 Safe Patient Handling Act (second engrossment)
S.F. 833 Minnesota Wireless Telephone Consumer Protection Act
S.F. 836 Paint Excise Tax
S.F. 837 Hennepin and Wright Counties
S.F. 842 General Assistance Medical Care and Certified Public Expenditures (The Delete-Everything Amendment)
S.F. 843 Facility Rate Increases
S.F. 855 Medical Assistance Coverage For Psychological Consultation
S.F. 857 Health Care (Delete-Everything Amendment)
S.F. 859 County Jail Reentry Program GrantsS.F. 872 Reconveyance of Real Property With Title Defects
S.F. 879 Packinghouse Workers Bill of Rights (first engrossment)
S.F. 885 Internet-Based Theory Driver Education (SCS0885A-1 Amendment)
S.F. 889 Supermarket Wine Sales
S.F. 892 Local Government Retirement Benefits
S.F. 893 State Primary in June (A-7 Delete-Everything Amendment)
S.F. 900 Long-Term Care Patient Access to Pharmaceuticals
S.F. 904 Geothermal Heating and Cooling Revolving Loan Fund
S.F. 912 Integrated Search Service
S.F. 913 Driver's License Photographs (first engrossment)
S.F. 914 Business Screening Services (author's amendment)
S.F. 917 Establishing Trusts for Postemployment Benefits for Local Political Subdivision
S.F. 924 Major Highway Projects Report
S.F. 927 Crime Victims Employer Retaliation Protection
S.F. 944 Child Care Service Grants and TEACH
S.F. 954 Voter Registration
S.F. 956 Pesticide Applicator License Study (Delete-Everything Amendment)
S.F. 957 National Guard Nonappropriated Fund Instrumentality
S.F. 958 Geotechnical Investigations and Rail Bank Property Misdemeanors (Judiciary Issues)
S.F. 960 Local Government Group Benefits
S.F. 961 Shoreland Resorts
S.F. 962 Modifying Requirements for State Financed Aircraft Maintenance Facilities in Duluth
S.F. 967 Modifying the Hospital Moratorium Review Processes
S.F. 969 Legal Advocacy Trafficking Victims Grant
S.F. 975 DEED Housekeeping and Policy Bill
S.F. 981 Metropolitan Land Planning Act
S.F. 983 Revisor's Bill
S.F. 984 Prohibiting Compliance With Real ID Act
S.F. 985 Child Protection Background Checks
S.F. 988 Predatory Lending (first engrossment)
S.F. 997 Energy Efficiency and Conservation
S.F. 1005 Impound Fees; Vehicle Theft; Emergency Assistance (SCS1005A-1 Amendment)
S.F. 1015 Lead Abatement (First Engrossment)
S.F. 1017 Charter Commission Expense Limitations
S.F. 1022 Increasing the Tax on Alcoholic Beverages; Fully Funding Chemical Dependency Treatment Programs; Impaired Driving and Chemical Use Assessment Provisions
S.F. 1024 Omnibus Tax Bill
S.F. 1033 Compulsive Gambling Provisions (First Engrossment)
S.F. 1035 Local Sales and Use Tax for the City of Winona
S.F. 1045 Scott County
S.F. 1050 Political Party Independent Expenditures
S.F. 1051 Uniform Environmental Covenants Act
S.F. 1052 Income Tax Credit For Affordable Housing Contributions
S.F. 1055 Children With Developmental Disease Disabilities Services (First Engrossment)
S.F. 1057 Board of High Pressure Piping Systems (second engrossment)
S.F. 1058 Plumbing Board (second engrossment)
S.F. 1061 Pay Equity Compliance for State Contractors (Third Engrossment)
S.F. 1062 MnDOT Towing Authority; Hazardous Materials Provisions
S.F. 1063 E85 Vehicle Registration Renewal Notice Requirement
S.F. 1069 Requiring Inventory Reports From Fuel Terminals
S.F. 1070 Omnibus Liquor Bill
S.F. 1071 Automated Traffic Control Enforcement (SCS1071A-1 Amendment)
S.F. 1072 Study on Prenatal Drug Exposure
S.F. 1075 Divestment of State Board of Investment Holdings in Sudan
S.F. 1081 Minnesota Commission on New Americans
S.F. 1085 Mercury Containing Products (second engrossment)
S.F. 1095 Universal Newborn and Infant Hearing Screening Act
S.F. 1097 Motor Vehicle Weight Restrictions Modifications
S.F. 1098 Relating to Beltrami County
S.F. 1103 Independent Contractor Regulation
S.F. 1111 Changes in Metropolitan Council Transportation Policy
S.F. 1117 Expanding The Crime of Second Degree Burglary
S.F. 1119 DNR Land Acquisition - Judiciary Issues
S.F. 1125 Child Advocate Centers
S.F. 1133 St. Louis County
S.F. 1142 Department of Labor and Industry Data (author's amendment)
S.F. 1148 EMS Personnel Communications Headsets Use Authority
S.F. 1150 Homeless Outreach Grants
S.F. 1151 Public Safety Radio Communication System
S.F. 1152 Direct Action and Bad-Faith Claims Insurance
S.F. 1157 Bureau of Criminal Apprehension Provisions
S.F. 1159 Integrated Domestic Violence Response Framework
S.F. 1161 Highway Contracts Regulation Provisions Modification
S.F. 1163 Clarifying Jurisdiction of Metropolitan Transit Police
S.F. 1164 Metropolitan Council Debt Obligations
S.F. 1165 Open Meeting Law
S.F. 1166 Department of Transportation Data
S.F. 1168 Residential Building Contractor Liability Insurance (first engrossment)
S.F. 1169 Minnesota Bonding
S.F. 1177 Hennepin County Violent Offender Task Force
S.F. 1178 Department of Human Services Program Administration
S.F. 1190 Early Intervention A.P. Grant
S.F. 1193 Motor Vehicle Fuel Dispensing Requirement (First Engrossment)
S.F. 1194 Establishing Reduced Ignition Propensity Standards For Cigarettes
S.F. 1195 Transforming High School Education
S.F. 1196 (Delete Everything Amendment)
S.F. 1197 Doula Services (second engrossment)
S.F. 1218 Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act
S.F. 1220 Kindergarten Voluntary Full Day Programs Funding
S.F. 1221 Child Welfare Provisions (First Engrossment)
S.F. 1239 Outpatient Rate Increase for Gillette Children's Hospital
S.F. 1240 Inpatient and Outpatient Rate Increase for Gillette Children's Hospital
S.F. 1241 Elimination of Certain Ratable Reductions for Gillette Children's Hospital
S.F. 1242 MINNCOR Prison Industries (Second Engrossment)
S.F. 1245 Native American Child Maltreatment Reporting Modifications
S.F. 1251 Three Rivers Park District
S.F. 1262 Regulating the Manufacture and Sale of Jewelry Products Containing Lead (first engrossment)
S.F. 1266 Compassionate Care for Sexual Assault Victims
S.F. 1271 DHS Child Support Recommendations
S.F. 1275 Highway Rest Area Operators and Vehicle Weights (Delete-Everything Amendment SCS1275A-1)
S.F. 1278 Government Purchasing and Contracting; Best Value (first engrossment)
S.F. 1282 Renewable Hydrogen Initiative
S.F. 1294 Electronic Filing
S.F. 1296 Requiring Full Use of Federal Funds For Highway Construction Training; Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program Contract Provisions
S.F. 1297 Automatic Voter Registration
S.F. 1298 Voting Procedures
S.F. 1300 Employment Services For Ex-Criminal Offenders
S.F. 1302 Livable Communities
S.F. 1303 Nanotechnology Development Fund
S.F. 1305 Imposition of Local Sales Tax for Transportation (SCS1305A-1 Delete-Everything Amendment)
S.F. 1307 Crime Victims Grant
S.F. 1310 Elections Housekeeping
S.F. 1311 City Preventive Health Services
S.F. 1312 Second Engrossment - Omnibus Environment and Natural Resources Policy
S.F. 1326 ICF/MR Licensing Exception
S.F. 1328 Induction Program for New Teachers
S.F. 1332 Meeker County
S.F. 1333 Car Buyer's Bill of Rights - Second Engrossment
S.F. 1336 Mental Health Care Professionals Service to Inmates
S.F. 1338 DHS Child Support Recommendations
S.F. 1346 Secretary of State Housekeeping Bill
S.F. 1349 Court Provisions
S.F. 1363 Utility Payment Agreements
S.F. 1365 Real Property Appraisals
S.F. 1366 Special Elections
S.F. 1370 Amusement Ride Regulation
S.F. 1378 Department of Revenue Forfeitures
S.F. 1387 Medical Assistance Eligibility For Persons Who Are Incarcerated
S.F. 1396 Planning and Zoning
S.F. 1411 Paratransit Services
S.F. 1414 Phase-Out of Monticello Nuclear Power Plant
S.F. 1419 Scott County
S.F. 1440 Appropriating Money For Teen Court
S.F. 1445 Appropriating Money to a Neighborhood Youth Organization
S.F. 1452 Regional Children's Mental Health Initiative
S.F. 1475 Nursing Facility Moratorium Exception
S.F. 1488 Domestic Violence Reentry Program
S.F. 1495 Payroll Card Regulation (first engrossment)
S.F. 1498 Transitways, LRT, And Commuter Rail Planning
S.F. 1500 Five-Year Demonstration Project For High-Risk Adults
S.F. 1508 Child Safety System and Child Safety Fund (Delete-Everything Amendment)
S.F. 1509 Hennepin County
S.F. 1513 Transit Project Funding Limitations
S.F. 1525 Pipeline Violation Penalties
S.F. 1527 Presidential Primary
S.F. 1528 Hennepin County Housing And Redevelopment Authority
S.F. 1532 Credit Counseling and Debt Management (Judiciary Issues)
S.F. 1533 Mortgage Foreclosure Modifications
S.F. 1534 Railroad Walkways Safety Act
S.F. 1535 Training in Dementia Care and Mental Illness Care
S.F. 1540 Gang and Drug Oversight Council Membership
S.F. 1547 Residential Mortgage Originator and Servicer Licensing Requirements (first engrossment)
S.F. 1549 Emergency Preparedness Coordinator Appropriation
S.F. 1559 Costs of Nursing Facility Code of Compliance
S.F. 1574 Regulating Access Devices (first engrossment)
S.F. 1577 School Background Check Requirements
S.F. 1587 Pavement Life-Cycle Cost Analysis
S.F. 1605 Imposing Curfew And Passenger Restrictions on Provisional Driver's License Holders
S.F. 1611 Supplemental Education Appropriations - First Engrossment
S.F. 1613 POST Board Domestic Violence No Contact Training Appropriation
S.F. 1624 Changing Vehicle Registration Taxes; Title Transaction Fees; Driver's License Fees; And Allowing Credit Card Payments
S.F. 1628 License Technology Fees
S.F. 1639 Tax Credits for Certain Business Investments
S.F. 1661 "Options Too" Disability Services
S.F. 1672 Joint Powers Board Authorization to Impose Local Sales Tax
S.F. 1673 Student Transportation Services, Privatization
S.F. 1677 Hair Braiding
S.F. 1700 In Forma Pauperis Proceedings
S.F. 1701 Health Records
S.F. 1724 Human Services Licensing (first engrossment) (Judiciary Issues)
S.F. 1755 Joint Powers
S.F. 1769 Prevailing Wage Remedies (first engrossment)
S.F. 1790 Modifying Adverse Health Care Events Reporting
S.F. 1797 Special Transportation Service Provider Complaint Procedure Modification (SCS1797A-1 Amendment)
S.F. 1805 Maltreatment Investigation Data (with author's amendment)
S.F. 1807 Hennepin County
S.F. 1812 Library Merger
S.F. 1823 Board of Physical Therapy
S.F. 1825 Boxing Oversight
S.F. 1837 Criminal History Data
S.F. 1845 Modifying Petty Misdemeanor Parking Offense
S.F. 1873 Appointment of Commissioners
S.F. 1887 Dallas Sams Memorial Highway Designation
S.F. 1904 Educational Accountability Office Provisions
S.F. 1912 Automobile Insurance Verification by Mail Program Repeal
S.F. 1918 Ultra High-Speed Data Transmission Service
S.F. 1920 Banking Bill
S.F. 1923 Extinguishment of Interest in Town Road
S.F. 1925 1st Engrossment, Omnibus Agriculture and Veterans Finance
S.F. 1954 Amending The Predatory Offender Registration Law
S.F. 1962 Enhanced Nursing Facility Rate for Ventilator-Dependent Resident Unit
S.F. 1966 Lawful Gambling
S.F. 1971 Omnibus Transportation Policy Bill (Fourth Engrossment)
S.F. 1972 Judiciary Budget Bill (First Engrossment)
S.F. 1977 Ignition Interlock Device Pilot Project
S.F. 1981 Repairs to Andersen and Freeman Buildings
S.F. 1983 Traffic Data For Radio And Television
S.F. 1986 Transportation Funding (Third Engrossment)
S.F. 1989 Omnibus Higher Education Finance Bill (Second Engrossment)
S.F. 1992 Public Safety Budget Bill
S.F. 1997 Omnibus State Government Finance (Second Engrossment)
S.F. 1998 Utility Proceedings
S.F. 2001 Disposition of Surplus Real Property
S.F. 2032 Classification of Social Security Numbers
S.F. 2039 Workers' Compensation Advisory Council Recommendations
S.F. 2041 St. Paul Port Authority
S.F. 2043 HRAs and Home Rule Charter Cities
S.F. 2047 Recreational Vehicle Combination Definition Modification
S.F. 2053 Propane Fuel Purchase Program
S.F. 2057 Airport Authorities
S.F. 2066 Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors (First Engrossment)
S.F. 2068 Professional Counselors
S.F. 2081 Elimination of Certificate of Need Prohibition;
S.F. 2089 Economic Development Appropriations (first engrossment)
S.F. 2095 E-12 Education Omnibus Bill (Third Engrossment)
S.F. 2096 Environment, Energy, and Natural Resources Finance (Minnesota Laws 2007, Chapter 57)
S.F. 2099 Social Work Licensure - Temporary License Modifications
S.F. 2100 Social Work Licensure Modifications
S.F. 2126 Urban Partnership Program (Delete-Everything Amendment SCS2126A-1)
S.F. 2161 Plats of Land
S.F. 2171 Health Care
S.F. 2199 Renewable Development Grants
S.F. 2211 Redistricting Commission
S.F. 2216 State-Authorized Video Providers
S.F. 2226 Private Cemeteries
S.F. 2245 E-12 Omnibus Education Finance and Policy
S.F. 2662 Blighted Property Remedies
S.F. 9999 Public Safety Omnibus Funding Bill (Minnesota Laws 2007, Chapter 99)
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