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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Minnesota ~ Veterans for Peace Banned from Parade

Veterans peace group barred from northern Minnesota parade.....Veterans for Peace decided to show up at Saturday's parade anyway, but were told they couldn't line up with the other floats, Sorenson said.
"Three weeks ago they told us we could be in their parade," said Gary Sorenson, president of the Duluth chapter of the national Veterans for Peace organization. "Then on Thursday someone called and said we were uninvited." Story Source Kare 11 Television June 17, 2007 By The Associated Press.

"Are you following what's going on at the Take Back America conference? There's the essential panels on strategy and policy, lots of politicians stopping by, and some great speeches with one of the very best given by our own God of the blogosphere, Digby. Don't miss it." by Mary at The Left Coaster

Blue man in a Red district Wanted! Have you seen this man?

A BUZZFLASH EDITORIAL Message to the Democratic Leadership: Never Leave Your Wounded Heroes on the Battlefield Submitted by BuzzFlash on Tue, 06/19/2007
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