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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Minnesota DFL Forced To Fund Raise For the GOP?


This is not the Republican party of your Mother, Father or Grandparent, instead it is the hijacked GOP variety of the Fanatic, the Fatalists, the Raptured and the War can just see where the sanity went out the window when the RNC expected to be treated as though they are a simple law abiding political group.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. As long as the heads of the DOJ, DOD and the rest are allowed to govern with a silent partician hacksaw behind the curtain, the RNC needs to be frozen by a Rep. Waxman Oversight and Reform Committee till they are made to clean out all of their grossly corrupt closets and drawers. It is said that when one is insane they don't know it and if one is sane they'll doubt it......Mix in Greed, Power and Arrogance and we have the RNC of today.....many perfect examples and the best so far was the hearing of the GSA chief Lurita Doan.......shame on you Ms. Doan!

I get the distinct feeling that some the most fanatical GOPers really believe that Democtratic party member's have the cooties. Its the dripping contempt in their tone and their body language, when they say the word "Democrats"

More camera's on the floor of the Senate, the House and every where Congress goes please! Stage a hug fest, the Democratic party members would do drive by hugging of the GOP and watch them -- the fanatic (R) ones -- run away! What a a funny idea....hmmm.

Dept of Irony: Norm Coleman needs DFL Mayors help to win reelection MNBlue Submitted by The Big E on June 16, 2007 "Direct from the Norm Coleman Weasel Meter's Dept of Ironies Dept, Sen. Norm Coleman (R-MN) needs help from the DFL Mayors of Minneapolis, RT Rybak, and Saint Paul, Chris Coleman (hereafter referred to as Coleman The Good), to fundraise for the 2008 Republican National Convention."

"NYC's experience with the 2004 convention was they absorbed most of the extra costs like the overtime pay for the police and paying for the secret service. "

This year's [2004] Republican convention in New York City is expected to cost by some estimates up to $166 million. Federal taxpayers will pay nearly $65 million of the tab (with $50 million of that amount paying for security), while at least $27 million will come from city money. Private donations will pay for at least $64 million of the cost.

"The grim reality is that this convention is likely to bankrupt St Paul rather than make the local merchants rich. The grim reality is that it is likely to create some nasty precedents in civil liberties violations and absolutely massive awards to individuals for false arrest and use of unnecessary force."

SOLDIERS of FORTUNE....Can Minnesota Survive the Fanatic Neo Soldiers of Fortune Method? Sunday, June 17, 2007
Vetoed Minnesota Bills Listed too...

SOLDIERS of FORTUNE...What Will Minnesota Become After Being a Leader? Saturday, June 16, 2007

Soldiers of Fortune....Minnesota Renamed Friday, June 15, 2007

I am lucky that I moved to Minnesota twenty years ago and witnessed some of the greatest tangible ideas put into play in our State of Minnesota, that was a best kept secret. It didn't hurt a bit to contribute my taxes and it felt good contributing to something you believed in, something bigger than yourself.... you were giving back to all communities and it showed, the results WERE amazing.

It WAS all of our state tax dollars at work! The ability to create one of the strongest safety nets seen anywhere. Thank you Governor Perpich, Governor Carlson and Governor Ventura! No one had this kind of caring safety net structure made of logic, made with caring attentive bodies, built to protect us when we were down. Built to help the fall not be so hard and built from all tax paying citizenry."

The layers of our Minnesota quality of life -- "Our best kept secrets we were always happy to share" are just about gone.

This was a mindset of dedication, pride and practicality...our tax system. I'm actually very eager to contribute taxes when I know were they go. And knowing where my taxes went, it is what fueled my pride in Minnesota.

Our taxes were once used for good....our taxes were aimed at completing and maintaining a complicated mathematical formula that worked. It worked because the minds that developed it had logic and had vision.

We have lost that vision and now are at the cross roads of which state we want to forever be compared to...instead of being a leader in all things economically sound. Instead of being a courageous pioneer that created realistic balance, we have lost the formula.

Someone let it evaporate...into thin air in the last several years....Thanks to our Minnesota Government we have lost our unique identity, almost.

AfterDowningStreet -- The “Cloud” over Dick Cheney Just Got Darker! Posted By War Is Hell Monday, June 18, 2007 “It is an extraordinary subversion of the [U.S.] Constitution to send people to die...on the basis of a lie.” - Elizabeth Holtzman

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