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Friday, June 29, 2007

Israel, Iraq and Iran


Hey, Who Moved My Court? posted 06-29-07 By .COMMON SENSE
"The current Chief Justice actually lied about his intentions during his confirmation hearings, as noted slyly by Mr. C.:"
Do read Mr. Cohen's agonista, but remember that we bloggers knew. We were called whacko and shrill and have treatises written about our lack of balance by mainstream media. Well, we knew the truth.

Israel model for Iraq, says Bush I kid you not....says .Common Sense... Bush said America would like to see Iraq function as a democracy while dealing with violence - just as Israel does. 06-29-07 by .COMMON SENSE

I.O.U. the SEC....Chris Cox Did a heck of a Job.... Thursday, June 28, 2007 by awakening

Ahmadinejad: What did he say? Iran and the rest of the world saw the United States as the clear and present danger, long before we ourselves did. We, nestled into our everyday lives of family and schedules. All except for the Blog world....the 'Sane' part of the Blog world. By Awakening Thank you .COMMON SENSE for Reminding me TOO! Ahead of the curve as always.


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