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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Bumping Up ~ Architect of Progress Is Judge Diggs Taylor


Update 22, 2006 - The Slate What a Moronic Presidential Press Conference! By Fred Kaplan...."George W. Bush criticizing someone for not understanding the world is like … well, it's like George W. Bush criticizing someone for not understanding the world. It's sui generis: No parallel quite captures the absurdity so succinctly."

Update August 2006 -
It is Time to Censure a Lawless President By John Nichols at The Nation

Read the article and especially take note of the comments made.

My personal opinion is that this Senate and this House have not and cannot do their jobs for the people, who elected them. There is no balance, in order for progress to take place.

The session topics that were addressed and the ones that were not, prove just that..............

.............from the Terri Shiavo case to the yet still - Gulf Coast tragedy, from average citizen social program cuts to vague military expenditures, from minimum wage carrot sticks to yearly pay raises for Congress, from affluent tax aid to corporate subsidy, from flag burning to the Voting Rights Act, from oil company affection to Katrina victim apathy, from cuts to state funding to higher cost of health care, from ignoring basic US security to the increase of crime, from bankruptcy restrictions to Medicare / Medicaid, from articles of war to presidential powers, from US occupation to the US economic infrastructure, from foreign diplomacy to environmental protection, from social security tapping to farmer deprivation, from job outsourcing to lobbying practices, from domestic wireless wiretapping to election fraud, from inflated energy costs to rampant foreclosures, from Homeland Security to FEMA...

.......but need I say more. Cuz there's much, much more. Sad.

Update August 19, 2006 -
Ruling Against Wiretaps Further Sharpens Partisan Divide By Jonathan Weisman a Washington Post Staff Writer. Is the presidents comment about the nature of the world - the real world, new political

Are we going to hear the political magpies stumping phrases that contain the words 'real world and nature of the world' like a broken record? Is this an attempt to convince those of us - living in the real world - that we are clueless to what lay ahead?

Or, is this a strategy to get some of us to tune out, because our blood pressure spikes and we might burst a vessel, at the thought of being preached to by those that lurk in a well furnished bubble of privilege and power?

Go to The Washington Post to read Judge Rules Against Wiretaps
I'm not sure what U.S. District Judge Diggs Taylors ruling on the NSA warrantless wire tapping program will bring. It is refreshing that the Judge used the actual 'rule of law' in order to arrive at her decision. Taking into account the very thing - NSA - that prevents freedom of speech, by allowing a further discussion to blossom. When the American Civil Liberties Union and other advocacy groups brought forth the suit, they used the hampered rights of free speech and privacy as being unconstitutional.

"Regardless of what your position is on the merits of the issue, there's no question that it's a poorly reasoned decision," said Bobby Chesney, a national security law specialist at Wake Forest University who takes a moderate stance on the legal debate over the NSA program. "The opinion kind of reads like an outline of possible grounds to strike down the program, without analysis to fill it in."

Lest Mr. Chesney missed it, the implementation of the program in the first place was an extremely corrosive idea put upon the American citizenry, completely lacking in customary ethical reasoning and instigated out of utter flagrant disregard for the governmental institution a developed nation must rely on for its future wellbeing. Nothing but pure arrogant power drove the program into the average citizens life.

I hear the UK got their warrants, used good investigative methods and succeeded through effective human intelligence. Although, it does seem that the people in question from the UK, may not have had much of a plan in place, when swooped down on by British law enforcement.
If that is the case and the culprits nabbed in the knick of time, then good job. If not the case, and the culprits are really innocent, then I say "What plot?"

The warrantless wiretaps are unconstitutional and the Warrantless Wire Tapping program should really be called "How to
Hard-code US Elections Using Warrantless Wire Tapping."

August 18, 2006 - By Adam Liptak and Eric Lichtblau NYT - A Vow To Fight Wireless Wiretapping

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