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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Katrina Comes Home to Roost, By Sidney Blumenthal

Buzzle.coms Sidney Blumenthal writes about the policies and action that hasn't helped America as a whole and most certainly helped to magnify devastation last year across the Gulf Coast and in New Orleans.

July 27, 2006 - New Orleans Etched In My Memory. A personal take on an American tragedy. Thanks to the nasty infiltration of those that portray the worst of the worst in American society, while preying on the vulnerable, the unaware and the average un-warped.

As absurd as the day in and day out play by play - rewind is, all of our elected officials, collectively, still have a touch of laryngitis (which the Mayo clinic says is a short lived irritation). Why can't they speak up yet, why is this I wonder? Maybe they are really working together, in secret too.

A common bully can intimidate a peaceful soul.. Because they can. On lookers might, at first glance, think the target is weak. Just maybe there is a different sort of "War on Words & Action" room, somewhere around Capital Hill?

Filled with all of our democracy loving, liberty inspired, constitution believing elected officials; strategically mapping out and gathering steam, on behalf of the citizens who elected them. Just maybe.

Things are that serious, that people are hoping for and wishing on a covert counter attack or defense (depending on your nature), to save our United States Democratic Republic.
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