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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

One American Dream ~ Is The Other One Percent's Nightmare

August 2, 2006 - The Washington Post - New Labor Department Nominee worked on behalf of WalMart against women workers and has never defended a worker against an employer....Just what is needed in this topsy turvey world of ours?

August 1, 2006

The Washington Post - Drama in the Senate, By Charles Babington...

$5.15 an hour adds up to $206.00 weekly without taxes taken out and around $10,712.00 annually without taxes taken. If benefits are available (most often they are not) then a working person would also pay the same price for all of the same basic needs that others do....They can't, it is impossible. The disparity begins with the federal minimum wage, in the United States. Some states are doing the right thing by their workers with higher starting wages, but a higher cost of living still cancels out a living wage through out this country of mine. The argument to keep the wage suppressed is baseless, it is the same argument used when the ADA was going into effect in the early 1990's. Certain business leaders, who also dabbled in politics whined the loudest and the longest. They are still doing business. Wink"...

By Liz Sidoti
Associated Press
7/25/2006 Buffalo News reports on the American Dream Initiative and the critical role it will play in the 2008 presidential election. Middle America, what is left, will be the targeted recipient of this democratic ideal. Hope it isn't too little too late. More study on their 'thinking & talking' proposal is needed for further commentary.

Link to The Washington Post story by James Carville and Mark Penn.... Senator Hillary Clinton is on track and gaining momentum...

6/4/2006 - Opinion by The Washington Posts Joel Achenbach....Is a bit snide, slight critical, but still manages to do his piece justice and give Senator Clinton the highest compliment a woman can hope to receive....A genderless one....

May 7, 2006 - Independent Clinton....

Senator Clinton would make the best person for President of the United States of America. Umpteen years ago, she was mashed by the political hierarchy for attempting to open the doors to "Universal Health Care," and for just about everything she tried to do.

She didn't just talk about it, she delivered a plan and that was a great spring board for a more polished final plan. But for some reason or other, no one else on the hill was able to think 'Universal' at the time, except for a very few and the President.

Unfortunately, a lot of the mashers were of the same party. Of course the other party wouldn't have wanted anything that could impose rules on their ability to maintain cash flow either, through investments and other perks.

If 'Universal Health Care' had inched seriously into the spotlight for real consideration and sincere re-shaping, the pharmaceutical companies would have had to become accountable and therefore become cost conscious to consumers, by law.

Even though the powers that were, would not have allowed their income and retirement plans to be tampered with, the woman - Hillary Clinton made her mark. She stood up well under extreme scrutiny and inhumane criticism (both professionally and personally).

Senator Clinton is one of the gifted change agents, with the most necessary 'critical thinking skills,' a capacity for visionary ideas, a judicious intellect and a respectful embracer of diversity; cultures, generations, economics, social and commerce.

Senator Clinton seems to have proven, over and over, that connecting the dot takes authentic common sense and that one thing cannot thrive without the other, so you had better be willing to roll up your sleeves and forge ahead - shoulder to shoulder to make it happen for everyone's benefit. That is truly belief in Democracy and the American way.

Mrs. Clinton embodies all the integral attributes that would one day make her a ready leader of our nation. Senator Clinton has been about something. A fearless - Will try - Can do - Leader, that we are ready for.

Read The Washington Post article that casts doubt on the DNC supporting her candidacy...

January 15, 2006 - "C-SPAN has censored some of -- possibly the best -- public servant interactions this country should've witnessed. Senator Clinton being brought to the heights of a floor battle when fighting for a Hurricane Katrina relief bill and the Senator from Ohio, who caused a stampede on the senate floor. The hearings, however, show that it is difficult for a majority of elected officials (both major party members) to discern which manner of style they should use and where they should use it. Instead, we get an odd string of hearings that persecute survivors from New Orleans and soft pat big business. I truly feel embarrassed for every Senator who sat on this panel, too. Thank you for your time and attention."

Victoria Woodhull was the first woman to run for President.
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