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Sunday, July 30, 2006

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A universal message for a world in pain - The White Buffalo Calf Prophesy

While napping yesterday, I had a dream about a white buffalo calf. In the dream there was my house and running through the middle of my house was a field of wheat blowing in a sun kissed breeze.

In an instant I realized that I was standing in my bedroom. I could see the rest of my home on the other side of the field, where my husband was busily working in the kitchen, his favorite chore.

As I was standing in my room I looked to my left at the strip of the outside world and there behind an old horse trailer, was a little fury white face peeking out at me, with big dark eyes. I was curious and began to walk towards this ancient looking animal....sort of reminded me of sketches I had seen of the wooly mammoth. The animal startled when it realized I had seen it.

He seemed afraid of me and jumped out from behind the trailer to run away. I froze in my steps and watched the white calf leap across the room towards the front door. That is when I recognized the little guy to be a white buffalo calf, his white hair short in front of the body, but longer towards the back.

The calf ran south and butted his head into my front door to get out, making a huge thud. I called to my husband to stay where he was and to keep our girl (dog) beside him. I was afraid that my girl would try to defend her home and didn't want her to get hurt.

Even though I didn't feel the long haired white calf was a threat, I was concerned because it was afraid and trying to get out of the house. I quietly stepped inside the closet in case the calf couldn't get out the front door and ran into my room looking for a way out. Then I woke up.

This dream is the clearest I had had in some time. When I was able, I began to look on the internet to find out more about what the dream could mean. Even though I may never find what my dream truly means, I came across the story of the White Buffalo Prophesy and wanted to share it through this blog. The story has deep meaning for today.

The White Buffalo

Chief Wilma Mankiller

The Washington Post In the New West...By Blaine Harden Staff Writer
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